[trypanosoma cruzi infection in humans, dogs and goats in rural areas of the province of córdoba]. 19853939552
infection by bunyamwera virus (orthobunyavirus) in free ranging birds of cordoba city (argentina).infection by bunyamwera virus (bunv) species (family bunyaviridae, genus orthobunyavirus) has been detected in ewes, goats, cows, horses and humans all the way through america. however, there are no evidences of such infection in birds. to detect bunv (cbaar-426) infection in free ranging birds, a serological survey was carried out in córdoba city between 2004 and 2005. birds of 13 families presented neutralizing antibodies against bunv (cbaar-426), showing an increase in the seroprevalence from ...200919501478
the natural hosts for larvae and nymphs of amblyomma neumanni and amblyomma parvum (acari: ixodidae).based on the hypothesis that birds and rodents are important hosts for subadults of the neotropical amblyomma neumanni and amblyomma parvum ticks, a survey of these type of hosts was carried out from july 2004 to march 2006, in quilino (a. parvum) and dean funes (a. neumanni), córdoba province, argentina. additionally, monthly tick counts were performed on cattle and goats with occasional tick search in other domestic hosts. records of questing height of subadult ticks on vegetation were also ca ...200617006739
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