phenotypic diversity of triatoma infestans at the microgeographic level in the gran chaco of argentina and the andean valleys of bolivia.triatoma infestans (klug) is the main vector of trypanosoma cruzi, etiologic agent of chagas disease. the phenotype of the species varies at different geographic scales. the objective of this study was to compare the antennal phenotype of spatially close t. infestans populations and to evaluate its usefulness as a marker of exchange of individuals between populations. the antennal phenotype of 190 t. infestans from argentina and bolivia was analyzed using uni- and multivariate techniques. this s ...200818714865
dispersal of triatoma infestans and other triatominae species in the arid chaco of argentina: flying, walking or passive carriage? the importance of walking females.the aim of this paper was to analyse the active dispersal of triatoma infestans and the role of chickens as passive carriers of this insect in peridomestic areas of la rioja, argentina. to measure active dispersal, monthly catches were made on six consecutive nights for five months (in the warm season) using light traps (for flying insects) and sticky dispersal barriers (for walking insects). the nutritional and reproductive states of adults were evaluated. over the course of the sampling period ...201121537686
The infra-red (IR) landscape of Triatoma infestans. An hypothesis about the role of IR radiation as a cue for Triatominae dispersal.This paper presents the infrared (IR) emission spectrum of hosts and habitats of Triatoma infestans in the chaco region of NW Argentina, representing the first attempt to correlate the natural infrared stimulus with the known behaviour of these blood-sucking insect, vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi - causative agent of Chagas disease. The study was carried out in two rural villages of La Rioja Province (Argentina). A FLYR i40 camera was used to obtain IR pictures which were analyzed to determine the ...201121856443
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