[clinical mycoplasmosis outbreak due to mycoplasma ovis in sheep from shalta, argentina. clinical, microbiological and molecular diagnosis].mycoplasma ovis is an obligatory parasite of the erythrocytes from small ruminants (sheep, goat), wherein it causes chronic or acute anaemia. this agent shows worldwide distribution. however, its dispersion is still unknown in argentina. this work describes an outbreak of mycoplasmosis occurred in january 2007 in a sheep flock from rosario de la frontera, salta, argentina. adult sheep became ill with a mortality rate of 17.8%. all blood smears (n = 11) examined by giemsa stain showed the presenc ...200920085183
[diagnosis of leptospirosis: evaluation of a solid-phase enzyme immunoassay in different stages of the disease].to develop a solid-phase enzyme immunoassay (elisa) for genus-specific immunoglobulin g (igg) determination with leptospirosis and to evaluate the elisa in different stages of the disease.200717761051
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