the impact of predators on livestock in the abruzzo region of populations of wolves (canis lupus linnaeus, 1758) and brown bears (ursus arctos linnaeus, 1758) regularly cause damage to livestock in the abruzzo region of italy. the laws of the region provide for compensation payments to owners for losses caused by predators. in the present paper, 4,993 validated claims made between 1980 and 1988 are examined. losses ascribed to wolf, bear and wild boar attacks were 92.1%, 7.8% and 0.1%, respectively, of the total losses caused by predators durin ...19938518446
cystic echinococcosis in italy from the 1950s to italy the epidemiological pattern of cistic echinococcosis (ce) is incomplete and the information for most regions is out of date, contradictory, and almost exclusively limited to the intermediate hosts. the disease is found most frequently in particular social and economic conditions: widespread use of extensive or semi-extensive sheep farming, illegal slaughtering, and high numbers of sheepdogs and other types of dogs. the highest incidence in sheep is found in sardinia (70.6-92.8%), sicily ...200416044697
[occupational brucellosis in the veterinary service of the local health service in the abruzzo region (italy)].during the health surveillance of the employees in the veterinary service of a local sanitary service, we came across a medical case of occupational brucellosis in a veterinarian, identified by seriological data (wright' seriological diagnosis + brucellosis specific test with identification of igm and igg), in a lack of significant anamnesis, anamnestic negativity of dangerous behaviours. two medical cases of the sole seriological positivity have been identified in a veterinarian and in a health ...200718409978
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