the garfagnina goat: a zootechnical overview of a local dairy population.domestic livestock with a limited distribution are increasingly recognized in the action plans of the european union as a reason for protecting rural land. the preservation and enhancement of the native germplasm and traits selected through the ages in different areas of farming is the first step in increasing typical products at a time when high quality products are increasingly in demand. this is the first time that a zootechnical overview has been performed on the italian native goat populati ...201020855000
cystic echinococcosis in italy from the 1950s to italy the epidemiological pattern of cistic echinococcosis (ce) is incomplete and the information for most regions is out of date, contradictory, and almost exclusively limited to the intermediate hosts. the disease is found most frequently in particular social and economic conditions: widespread use of extensive or semi-extensive sheep farming, illegal slaughtering, and high numbers of sheepdogs and other types of dogs. the highest incidence in sheep is found in sardinia (70.6-92.8%), sicily ...200416044697
[clinical and etiological aspects of goat ear mite infestations in tuscany].parasitic otitis associated with psoroptes sp. mites was diagnosed for the first time in two flocks of goats located in tuscany, italy. some animals presented clinical signs of ear mite infection, but the parasites were also isolated from the ears of two clinically silent goats. a morphometric study was conducted to establish whether there are significant morphological differences between mites collected from the ears of goats and psoroptes cuniculi collected from the ears of rabbits. three rabb ...19969333753
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