goat warble fly infestation by przhevalskiana silenus (diptera: oestridae): immunoepidemiologic survey in the basilicata region (southern italy).the demonstration of serological cross-reactivity between the hypoderma lineatum antigen and anti-przhevalskiana silenus antibodies led us to prepare an immunological test (elisa) for an early diagnosis of goat warble fly infestation. using the hypodermosis elisa-kit (vétoquinol diagnostic, france) produced for the immunodiagnosis of bovine hypodermosis, an epidemiological assay was carried out in basilicata region where goat breeding is very common and no data are reported with regards to the d ...200111921540
[frequency of leptospiral infections in goats from the province of reggio calabria]. 19685754009
further evidence on the internal life cycle of przhevalskiana silenus (diptera, oestridae).knowledge of the internal life cycle of goat warble fly infestation is scarce despite ample data available on the aetiology, epidemiology, immunodiagnosis and treatment of such infestations. this study was carried out at the slaughterhouse of rossano calabro (cosenza, southern italy) on 154 animals from 10 months to 6 years of age from may 1997 to june 1998. 1206 przhevalskiana silenus larvae were collected during the trial period from the subcutaneous tissue of the slaughtered animals. the larv ...200010714471
arbovirus investigations in southern italy (calabria). 19715170798
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