investigation on arboviruses in western sicily: insect collection and virus isolation. 19714403373
survey for arbovirus antibodies in domestic animals of western sicily. 19715153402
livestock production and animal health in sicily, sicily, as in other mediterranean areas, livestock represents one of the most important resources for the island economy. this sector involves more than 16,000 farms of cattle and 10,000 farms of sheep and goats (respectively 6% and 15% of national production) which are actually increasing their number. most livestock in sicily is owned by small holders and pastoralists. regional production of milk feeds some industries, which involve a large and increasing occupational area. due to its pecul ...199911071536
infection of small ruminants with ehrlichia spp. in 1991, the experimental infection of a goat with pooled blood from goats that were positive for anti-ehrlichia canis, e. risticii, e. equi and e. phagocytophila antibodies was monitored (physical examination, cell blood count, microscopical examination of blood smears, serology) for 180 days. the infection produced a clinical condition characterized by intermittent fever, anaemia and leukopenia with neutropenia during the first 40 days. recurrent leukocytosis with lymphocytosis was noticed aft ...199911071551
[brucellosis in the province of messina. bacteriological investigations of the goats that pass through the city]. 196314088034
study of gastrointestinal nematodes in sicilian sheep and goats.parasitic gastroenteritis is one of the major causes of productivity loss in sheep and goats. this report records two studies of the helminth fauna from post-mortem examination. the first study, performed on the digestive tract of 72 sheep from a central part of sicily in a high hill village (1,360 meters above sea level), between april 1996 and march 1997, showed an infection rate of 78%. the second study targeted goats from the western part of sicily and showed an infection rate of 90%. for sh ...200415604491
dermatophilosis in goats in sicily. 200515704557
[occupational brucellosis in slaughtering of sheep and goats: study of five cases from a municipal abattoir in south-eastern sicily].brucellosis is a world-wild zoonosis of bacterial origin. in italy, where reporting of the disease is mandatory, the incidence is 2.1 cases every 100,000 inhabitants, but tends to be higher in southern regions. however, the incidence decreased from 1999 to 2002.200516001513
cystic echinococcosis in italy from the 1950s to italy the epidemiological pattern of cistic echinococcosis (ce) is incomplete and the information for most regions is out of date, contradictory, and almost exclusively limited to the intermediate hosts. the disease is found most frequently in particular social and economic conditions: widespread use of extensive or semi-extensive sheep farming, illegal slaughtering, and high numbers of sheepdogs and other types of dogs. the highest incidence in sheep is found in sardinia (70.6-92.8%), sicily ...200416044697
phylogenetic analysis of sicilian goats reveals a new mtdna lineage.the mitochondrial hypervariable region 1 (hvr1) sequence of 67 goats belonging to the girgentana, maltese and derivata di siria breeds was partially sequenced in order to present the first phylogenetic characterization of sicilian goat breeds. these sequences were compared with published sequences of indian and pakistani domestic goats and wild goats. mitochondrial lineage a was observed in most of the sicilian goats. however, three girgentana haplotypes were highly divergent from the capra hirc ...200616879350
observed prevalence of tick-borne pathogens in domestic animals in sicily, italy during 2003-2005.the objective of this study was to characterize the observed prevalence of tick-borne pathogens (tbp) in domestic animals in sicily, italy during 2003-2005. serological (competitive elisa and indirect immunofluorescence antibody, n = 3299) and dna tests (polymerase chain reaction and reverse line blot, n = 2565) were conducted on horse, donkey, cattle, sheep, goat, pig and dog samples. pathogens analysed included anaplasma, ehrlichia, rickettsia, babesia and theileria species, and coxiella burne ...200717359441
short communication: casein haplotype variability in sicilian dairy goat the mediterranean region, goat milk production is an important economic activity. in the present study, 4 casein genes were genotyped in 5 sicilian goat breeds to 1) identify casein haplotypes present in the argentata dell'etna, girgentana, messinese, derivata di siria, and maltese goat breeds; and 2) describe the structure of the sicilian goat breeds based on casein haplotypes and allele frequencies. in a sample of 540 dairy goats, 67 different haplotypes with frequency >or=0.01 and 27 with ...200818765627
characterization of anaplasma infections in sicily, italy.this study aimed to characterize infection with anaplasma marginale, a. phagocytophilum, a. ovis, and a. platys in humans, animals, and ticks in sicily, italy, during 2003-2006. serologic (competitive elisa [celisa]) and indirect immunofluorescence antibody [ifa]; n= 1990) and dna (polymerase chain reaction [pcr]; n= 2788) tests were conducted on horse, donkey, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, dog, cat, roe deer, wild boar, human, and tick samples. the results reported herein suggested that in sicily c ...200819120181
prevalence of anaplasma species and habitat suitability for ticks in sicily. 200919416281
hierarchical structure of the sicilian goats revealed by bayesian analyses of microsatellite information.genetic structure and relationship amongst the main goat populations in sicily (girgentana, derivata di siria, maltese and messinese) were analysed using information from 19 microsatellite markers genotyped on 173 individuals. a posterior bayesian approach implemented in the program structure revealed a hierarchical structure with two clusters at the first level (girgentana vs. messinese, derivata di siria and maltese), explaining 4.8% of variation (amovaф(st) estimate). seven clusters nested wi ...201120497156
prevalence of tick-borne pathogens in ticks in sicily.the prevalence of anaplasma, ehrlichia, rickettsia and babesia/theileria species was analysed in questing and feeding adult ticks in sicily. a total of 678 ticks were collected and analysed in this study. of these, 29 were questing ticks and 649 were collected from infested cattle, sheep, goats or dogs. tick species analysed included rhipicephalus bursa, r. turanicus, r. sanguineus, hyalomma lusitanicum, h. marginatum, dermacentor marginatus, ixodes ricinus, r. (boophilus) annulatus and haemaphy ...201020537102
[the return of anthrax. from bioterrorism to the zoonotic cluster of sciacca district].anthrax is a disease caused by bacillus anthracis which affects herbivorous animals. humans acquire the disease incidentally by exposure to infected animals, animal products or spores on soil. the infection is still endemic in many regions in developing countries. in italy animal clusters are very rare and human cases are exceptional. bacillus anthrax is also a potential source for acts of bioterrorism. in the natural human infection, cutaneous anthrax is the most widespread, while the other two ...201020610930
genital myiasis by wohlfahrtia magnifica (diptera, sarcophagidae) in sicily (italy).wohlfahrtia magnifica (schiner, 1862; diptera: sarcophagidae), known also as flesh fly or screwworm, is a fly distributed especially in south europe, middle east, north africa and china. maggots of w. magnifica are responsible for traumatic myiasis in warm-blooded vertebrate animals and humans. in italy data on wohlfahrtiosis in animals and humans are scant. this paper reports three cases of genital myiasis by w. magnifica in sicily that occurred in a goat, a ram and a dog, respectively. maggots ...201121541751
polymorphisms of beta-lactoglobulin promoter region in three sicilian goat breeds.several beta-lactoglobulin (blg) polymorphisms have been described within the proximal promoter region and coding region of the caprine gene, although no genetic variants affecting the protein amino acid composition and/or expression level have been characterized so far. binding sites for several transcription factors (tfs) are present in the blg promoter region. the aims of this work were to sequence the full-length promoter region of three sicilian goat breeds in order to identify polymorphism ...201121701825
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