chrysotile and tremolite asbestos fibres in the lungs and parietal pleura of corsican goats.environmental exposures to chrysotile and tremolite from the soil cause pleural plaques and mesothelioma in northeast corsica. goats grazing in the contaminated areas inhale asbestos fibres. we used this natural animal model to study whether these exposures actually result in increased fibre burdens in the lungs and parietal pleura.200212205241
serological evidence of caprine herpesvirus 1 infection in mediterranean france.caprine herpesvirus 1 (cphv-1) is responsible of a systemic disease in kids and genital diseases inducing abortions in adult goats. in europe, cphv-1 is widespread in mediterranean countries such as greece, italy and spain. as france is geographically close to these countries, a survey was conducted to investigate the presence of cphv-1 in goats in a mediterranean department (corse-du-sud) and in continental departments (dordogne and vendée) of this country. taking into account the close antigen ...200818031957
mycoplasmoses of ruminants in france: recent data from the national surveillance network.ruminant mycoplasmoses are important diseases worldwide and several are listed by the world organization for animal health to be of major economic significance. in france the distribution of mycoplasmal species isolated from clinical samples collected from diseased animals upon veterinary request, is monitored by a network known as vigimyc (for vigilance to mycoplasmoses of ruminants). the veterinary diagnostic laboratories collaborating with vigimyc are responsible for isolating the mycoplasmas ...201020525406
a dig into the past mitochondrial diversity of corsican goats reveals the influence of secular herding practices.the goat (capra hircus) is one of the earliest domesticated species ca. 10,500 years ago in the middle-east where its wild ancestor, the bezoar (capra aegagrus), still occurs. during the neolithic dispersal, the domestic goat was then introduced in europe, including the main mediterranean islands. islands are interesting models as they maintain traces of ancient colonization, historical exchanges or of peculiar systems of husbandry. here, we compare the mitochondrial genetic diversity of both me ...201222299033
description of the outbreak of bluetongue in corsica in 2003, and lessons for surveillance.since 1999, several serotypes of bluetongue virus (btv) have been isolated in the western part of the mediterranean basin, and since 2000, corsica has been exposed to three different serotypes: btv serotype 2 in 2000, btv serotype 4 (btv-4) in 2003 and btv serotype 16 in 2004. in 2000 there were no surveillance systems for bluetongue, but in 2003, active surveillance of the circulation of btv and its vector culicoides species, aided by a raised level of awareness in farmers and veterinarians, ma ...200818263916
environmental pleural plaques in an asbestos exposed population of northeast corsica.the purpose of this study was to determine whether the inhabitants of villages environmentally exposed to asbestos, in northeast corsica, had a higher incidence of pleural plaques. x-rays were obtained from subjects aged over 50 yrs, with no occupational exposure to asbestos or history of pleural disease, in one village exposed to asbestos, murato, and a nonexposed, control village, vezzani. in addition, the mineral content of the air and parietal pleura of animals in the exposed zone was studie ...19938396536
[environmental mesotheliomas in northeast corsica].since 1980, we have collected fourteen cases of mesothelioma induced by environmental exposure to asbestos, going back to childhood in patients from north-east corsica, in a region which was remote from the asbestos mine of canari. there were eight men and six women with a mean age of 69.5 +/- 4 years. six patients presented with bilateral calcified pleural plaques as evidence of environmental exposure. the mineral analysis carried out on five patients (four had thoracoscopies and one an alveola ...19938235025
environmental asbestotic pleural plaques in northeast corsica: correlations with airborne and pleural mineralogic analysis.we report a prevalence study of environmental pleural plaques in subjects over 50 years old from the northeastern corsican village of murato, built on asbestos surface deposits. the percentage of plaques was 41%, versus 7.5% in the control village of vezzani. although surface deposits contain both chrysotile and tremolite, airborne pollution and asbestos lung burden of exposed inhabitants consist essentially of tremolite as assessed by transmission electron microscopy (tem). however, tem analysi ...19947882944
estimating erosion of phenotypic variation in a french goat population.a survey was made on a sample of 45 flocks of the goat population in provence france in 1982. the sample included 56 male goats and 757 breeding females within a 30 km radius of the town of forcalquier (alpes-de-haute-provence). the visible phenotypic profile was established for the following characters: ear length, ear curling, ear erectness, presence of horns, type of horns, presence of wattles, presence of beard, length of hair, hair coat pigmentation pattern, type of eumelanin in hair, pigme ...19873680926
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