human listeriosis caused by listeria ivanovii.two species of listeria are pathogenic; l. monocytogenes infects humans and animals, and l. ivanovii has been considered to infect ruminants only. we report l. ivanovii-associated gastroenteritis and bacteremia in a man. this isolate was indistinguishable from prototypic ruminant strains. l. ivanovii is thus an enteric opportunistic human pathogen.201020031061
[the concept of tic in the history of abnormal movements].history of abnormal movements started during the 14th century. at that time the st vitus' dance was described, but the nosology of dyskinesias remained confusing during the next five centuries. the concept of tic was elaborated in france during the 18th century. it remained too large a concept however. definitive semiologies appeared at the end of the 19th century, thus allowing tics to emerge from the "chaos of choreas". the etymology of the word "tic" still remains mysterious. in 1905, meige t ...19863547545
[creutzfeldt-jacob disease in continental france. retrospective study from 1968 to 1977].during the decade 1968-1977, 170 cases of creutzfeldt-jakob disease were found in france. the clinical features of 124 neuropathologically-verified cases are summarized and a multi-factor analysis performed to obtain the most frequent combinations of signs and symptoms. certain exceptional features are discussed. the annual mortality rate during this period was 0.32 cases per million for the whole of france, and 0.69 cases per million for the paris metropolitan area. preliminary totals for 1978 ...1979395612
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