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ecology of leishmaniasis in the south of france. 19. determination of the hosts of phlebotomus ariasi tonnoir, 1921 in the cévennes by bloodmeal analyses.engorged sandflies were collected using 58 cdc light traps set up nightly for 5 weeks at 12 stations in the commune of roquedur, gard, france, in the cévennes focus of leishmaniasis. of 782 engorged females, 593 were phlebotomus ariasi, 3 were p. mascittii and 186 were not identified. using the precipitin ring test and counter-current immuno-electrophoresis, the bloodmeals were tested with antisera to man, leporids, rodents, canids, mustelids, equids, suids, bovids, birds, lizards and amphibia. ...19846508140
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