[epidemiologic and serologic study of listeriosis in man and domestic and wild animals in austria].in the framework of a study aimed to ascertain the possibilities of infection transmission from mother to child the athors examined serologically gravid women for toxoplasmosis and antibodies against listeriosis, using routine methods, in austria in 1974, 1975 and 1975. almost all gynecologists of the region of styria (austrial), who systematically delivered data concerning abortions, premature births and stillbirths, were invited to take part in the study. at the same time data concerning domes ...1978112179
rare transmission mode of fsme (tick-borne encephalitis) by goat's infection presumed to have been transmitted by raw cow's milk was reported in southern styria (remschnig locality), furthermore an fsme infection was demonstrated in two patients as having been transmitted by raw goat's milk. both patients (an elderly couple) had no left their house or garden and had nourished themselves mainly with goat's milk. neither patient had evidence of tick bites. the goats were severely parasitized with ixodes ricinus; the place of dwelling lies in an fsme-natural fo ...19892744469
detection of space-time clusters and epidemiological examinations of scabies in this paper some methodological approaches towards the detection of temporal, spatial and space-time clusters are presented and discussed in context with epidemiological factors of scabies in chamois. this presentation comprises in particular the use of the scan test (wallenstein, 1980) for the detection of temporal clusters and the tests developed by knox (1964) and mantel (1967) for the testing of spatiotemporal interactions. between 1952 and 1998 a total of 1689 cases of scabies in chamois ...200010936546
use of variograms to detect critical spatial distances for the knox's test.we aimed to find critical spatial distances (as an input quantity for the knox's test) using geostatistical methods. the spatiotemporal data set included all individual-chamois cases of scabies observed in styrian chamois populations in 137 of 2837 game preserves in styria (a province in the south of austria) over the time period between 1952 and 1998. theoretical variogram models were fitted to empirical variograms, which were calculated for cycles of 5 years. the unit of analysis was the mean ...200212062518
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