a note on the early history of renal transplantation: emerich (imre) january 1902 at the vienna medical society meeting, the surgeon emerich ullmann reported the first case of renal autotransplantation performed in the neck of a dog. in the same year, he presented the first xenotransplantation of the kidney (a goat with a dog's kidney). these publications immediately had a great impact on the medical word. after his failed attempt to transplant a pig's kidney into a young uraemic woman he stopped his research in this field in order to devote himself to other l ...199910213841
bluetongue: vector surveillance in austria in 2007.since the first outbreaks of bluetongue disease (btd) were reported from the netherlands, germany, and belgium in autumn of 2006, the disease is a main topic in central europe. the infectious disease, which originated in south africa and from which austria has been spared up to now, affects particularly sheep, cattle, also goats and wild ruminants - but never humans. transmitters of the bluetongue virus (btv, family reoviridae, genus orbivirus), which occurs in several 24 serotypes, are biting m ...200819066770
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