blood parasites of sheep in the netherlands. ii. babesia motasi (sporozoa, babesiidae).a large babesia species occurs in sheep on the north sea islands of the netherlands. the tick haemaphysalis punctata is a vector. its pathogenicity appears to be low. it is morphologically similar to a turkish strain, considered to be b. motasi, which is also transmitted by haemaphysalis ticks. it differs from the turkish parasite serologically as well as in cross-immunity tests and in not being effective to goats. there may be a group of morphologically similar parasites with serological differ ...19807352333
otto lanz, surgeon and art collector.otto lanz (1865-1935) was educated in switzerland, where he was trained in the surgical clinic of theodore kocher. in 1902, he was appointed as a professor of surgery in amsterdam, remaining there until his death. he was wellknown for his surgery of the thyroid gland and for his studies on the vermiform appendix. he defined a point in acute appendicitis, to which his name has been eponymously attached (lanz's point). his wide scope of interests is pictured, ranging from his invention of meshing ...19883287222
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