[seroepidemiologic investigations in the alpine ibex (capra i. ibex) of piz albris in the canton of grigioni (switzerland)].sero-epidemiological investigations in wild animals may allow to assess distribution of selected pathogens that sometimes seem to be involved in sanitary interrelationships between wild and domestic ungulates sharing the same areas. serological studies were carried out to investigate the prevalence of antibody against 8 pathogens in alpine ibex of albris colony (grisons, switzerland). investigated sera came from 89 animals shot by gamekeepers in 1990-1991. antibody against smooth brucella, coxie ...19958584868
seroprevalence of anaplasmosis among cattle in switzerland in 1998 and 2003: no evidence of an emerging disease.anaplasma marginale infection in europe has been limited to the mediterranean and eastern countries, to austria and to very sporadic cases in switzerland. there are no reports of its occurrence in the countries north of switzerland. a severe outbreak of anaplasmosis in august 2002 in a cattle farm in the canton grisons, switzerland, north of the alps, with more than 300 cattle that had to be culled, came unexpected and gave reason to hypothesize presence of an increased yet undetected prevalence ...200515795079
[caprine arthritis-encephalitis in switzerland: epidemiologic and clinical studies].the prevalence of infection with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus was assessed using an indirect elisa. antiviral antibodies could be detected in 42% of 5974 goat serum specimens included in this study (switzerland except ticino and graubünden 61%). infected animals were found in all breeds of goats and in all regions of the country, with the lowest prevalence in the canton ticino in southern switzerland. a comparison of clinical and serological data showed that only 20-30% of the infected a ...19902171140
mycoplasma conjunctivae infection is not maintained in alpine chamois in eastern switzerland.the occurrence of infectious keratoconjunctivitis (ikc) was assessed in alpine chamois (rupicapra rupicapra rupicapra) in grisons (switzerland) from 1950 to 1999. the first ikc outbreaks were reported in the 1950's. since then, the number of affected subpopulations constantly increased and, by 1999, ikc outbreaks were reported in 39 of 51 (77%) chamois sub-populations. from 1992-99, a total of 243 chamois which died of the consequences of ikc were recorded. the number of cases differed between y ...200212038129
[suspicion of visna in a sheep from graubünden canton].a lentivirus belonging to the group of retroviridae causes a chronic progressive interstitial pneumopathy (maedi) or a demyelinating encephalo-myelitis (visna) in sheep and goats. pulmonary lesions of maedi as well as sero-positive, clinically healthy animals can be observed in switzerland; visna, which even in countries with endemic infection does not occur frequently, is extremely rare. the head and cervical spine of an ewe with severe nervous troubles suspected of scrapie were submitted for p ...19921439707
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