[the occurrence of lumbar paralysis in goats and the appearance of elaphostrongylus cervi in red deer in the canton ticino].the aim of the study was to examine the incidence of lumbar paralysis in goats and the possible role of elaphostrongylus cervi as an agent. for this reason questionnaires concerning the clinical pictures and the incidence of lumbar paralysis were sent to 200 owners of goats and to 9 veterinarians. the study showed that the symptoms of lumbar paralysis had been observed for many years mainly during the winter. most of the animals suffering from lumbar paralysis originated from the valley of leven ...19989492579
[cerebrospinal nematodosis in sheep in switzerland].in december 2005 three sheep, originating from canton tessin, were presented with cerebrospinal nematodosis. the animals had a history of progressive pelvic limb ataxia and recumbency. the most important clinical findings were an abnormal gait (wide stance, pelvic limb paresis) and decreased sensitivity of the pelvic limbs. the general condition was slightly or moderately disturbed, appetite was normal. examination of the cerebrospinal fluid revealed mononuclear cells and eosinophils, suggesting ...200617209510
an investigation on the culicoides species composition at seven sites in southern the past decade, there have been regular outbreaks of bluetongue (bt) in many parts of europe. owing to the presence of bt disease and its vectors in countries adjacent to switzerland, an initial entomological survey was conducted in 2003, which established the presence of several midges of the genus culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae). subsequently, a sentinel herd monitoring system was established with the primary entomological aim being the determination and further study of culicoides p ...200919493190
[epidemiological studies of the distribution of contagious agalactia of goats in the tessin canton]. 19846719090
[caprine arthritis-encephalitis in switzerland: epidemiologic and clinical studies].the prevalence of infection with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus was assessed using an indirect elisa. antiviral antibodies could be detected in 42% of 5974 goat serum specimens included in this study (switzerland except ticino and graubünden 61%). infected animals were found in all breeds of goats and in all regions of the country, with the lowest prevalence in the canton ticino in southern switzerland. a comparison of clinical and serological data showed that only 20-30% of the infected a ...19902171140
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