[notifiable animal diseases diagnosed at the institute of veterinary pathology of the university of zurich between 1988 and 2004].one of the essential tasks of veterinary pathology is the gross and microscopic examination of animals post mortem. frequently requests are made for the cause of disease or death in the absence of a precise history or an otherwise specific assignment e.g. whether a notifiable disease is involved. the general examination is supplemented by a spectrum of additional examinations depending on the case whereas attempts are made to keep the costs within limits and to answer the client's request with j ...200718225409
multiple anthelmintic resistance in haemonchus contortus isolated from south african boer goats in switzerland.a suspected case of multiple anthelmintic resistance on a farm in the canton of zurich, switzerland, into which south african boer goats had previously been imported, was confirmed in a controlled test. twenty sheep were allocated into one control group and three treatment groups to determine the efficacy of mebendazole, ivermectin and moxidectin applying the faecal egg count reduction test (fecrt). the sheep were slaughtered 1 week later and post-mortem worm counts were performed. benzimidazole ...200515740865
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