enterocytozoon bieneusi (microsporidia) in faecal samples from domestic animals from galicia, this survey we examined 87 domestic animal stool samples in order to detect the possible presence of microsporidia in animals in close contact with humans in galicia (nw, spain). the detection of enterocytozoon bieneusi spores was confirmed in faecal samples from two dogs and one goat by polymerase chain reaction. none of the positive samples for microsporidia in the staining method were amplified with species-specific primers for encephalitozoon intestinalis, e. hellem and e. cuniculi. four ...200212471418
the formulation of the neuron doctrine: the island of cajal.santiago ramón y cajal (1852-1934), spanish histologist, was the renowned formulator of the "neuron doctrine" and recipient of the 1906 nobel prize for medicine or physiology for his work on the structure of the nervous system. in contrast to the then well-accepted "reticular theory," which held that the nervous system is arranged and functions as a continuous network of cellular material, cajal's neuron doctrine envisioned each nerve cell as an autonomous entity, establishing contact--not conti ...19989482368
occurrence of cryptosporidium parvum and giardia duodenalis in healthy adult domestic determine the prevalence and intensity of infection of cryptosporidium spp. and giardia duodenalis in healthy adult domestic ruminants, faecal samples were collected from 379 cattle of between 3 and 13 years old, 446 sheep and 116 goats selected at random from 60 dairy farms and 38 and 20 herds, respectively, in galicia (nw spain). cryptosporidium spp. oocysts were detected in 32 cows (8.4%), 24 sheep (5.3%) and in nine goats (7.7%) from, respectively, 48.3% of the farms and 34.2 and 30.0% of ...200717569991
identification of cryptosporidium xiaoi in diarrhoeic goat kids (capra hircus) in spain.faecal specimens from five diarrhoeic goat kids (capra hircus) younger than 21 days were collected in a goat farm in galicia (nw spain) and examined for the presence of cryptosporidium oocysts. two cryptosporidium-positive isolates were detected and selected for molecular examination. a banding pattern indicative of cryptosporidium bovis was obtained after restriction analyses of pcr products from small-subunit rrna genes. however, both positive isolates were identified as cryptosporidium xiaoi ...201020537797
survival of first-stage neostrongylus linearis larvae in ovine faeces under environmental conditions in galicia (north-west spain).a study was made on the survival of first larval stage of neostrongylus linearis, from november 1990 to october 1991, under natural conditions in an inland locality in galicia (north-west spain). the faeces were obtained from a sheep naturally infected with this nematode. once a month, faeces were placed on a 0.5 x 0.5 m plot, in natural conditions, until we had 12 deposits. samplings were done weekly until there was no more faecal matter in the plots. larval survival was determined using the ba ...19938494299
serological evaluation of anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in livestock in northwestern spain.a total of 1,098 serum samples were analyzed against anaplasma phagocytophilum by immunofluorescent antibody (ifa) test. these serum samples belonged to four different populations distributed throughout two provinces of galicia (ourense and pontevedra) located in northwestern spain: bovine population (456 samples); ovine population (389 samples); caprine population (207 samples); and equine population (46 serum samples, all from pontevedra). the seroprevalence against a. phagocytophilum within t ...200617114760
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