high mortality in goats associated with the isolation of a strain of mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (large colony type).a goat pleuropneumonia outbreak occurring in a herd of 800 animals in the province of ciudad real, spain, is described in this paper. severe respiratory signs and high mortality were the most significant clinical observations. the adult goats presented mainly respiratory symptoms and/or mastitis, whereas the young animals died showing arthritis and/or keratoconjunctivitis. the most significant lesions were found in the thoracic cavity. a focal extensive fibrinonecrotic pleuropneumonia was macros ...19958594844
relationship between bronchopulmonary nematode larvae and relative abundances of spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica hispanica) from castilla-la mancha, spain.the excretion of bronchopulmonary nematode infective larvae was evaluated in 160 faecal samples of spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica hispanica) collected from 13 populations in castilla-la mancha, south-central spain in september 2003. intensities and prevalences were compared with pasture availability, abundances of wild and domestic ungulates at both levels, i.e. for populations and for faeces in a two-step procedure. protostrongylid larvae showed similar infection rates (mean intensity: 1.56+/-0. ...200515946393
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