toxoplasmosis in goats in córdoba, spain: a seroepidemiological study. 19879584056
serosurvey study of toscana virus in domestic animals, granada, spain.abstract toscana virus (tosv) is transmitted by infected sandflies. in mediterranean countries, tosv is one of the major viral pathogens involved in aseptic meningitis and meningoencephalitis in humans. it remains unclear if there are animal reservoirs able to maintain the virus through the cold months of the year, when the vector is not circulating. from may to october of 2006 and 2007, we conducted a serosurvey study on domestic animals from granada province (southern spain). tosv was investig ...201020925529
epidemiology of mycoplasma agalactiae infection in free-ranging spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica) in andalusia, southern spain.mycoplasma agalactiae is the main causal agent of contagious agalactia syndrome in spain. it is a severe disease of small ruminants, endemic in mediterranean countries, that is characterized by mastitis, arthritis, and keratoconjunctivitis. this paper investigates the temporal, spatial, and host-related factors in the distribution of m. agalactiae infection from october 1996 to november 1998 and march 2002 to may 2003 in spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica) populations from andalusia, in southern spai ...200818436669
epidemiology of fasciolosis affecting iberian ibex (capra pyrenaica) in southern spain.between 1995 and 2006, we surveyed the presence of fasciola hepatica in iberian ibex (capra pyrenaica) from andalucía (southern spain) by both necropsy (n = 2,096) and coprological approaches (n = 380). most of the samples came from the sierra nevada mountain range (n = 1,884 and 267, respectively), and all positive cases involved animals from this location. the prevalence reached 0.53% by necropsy and 1.87% by faecal examination. taking into account both diagnostic methodologies and the total n ...200818092179
spermatogenesis in the ixodid tick haemaphysalis (herpetobia) sulcata (acarina:ixodidae).haemaphysalis sulcata (acarina, ixodidae) is a common ectoparasite of wild artiodactyls (mouflon and wild goat) in sierra nevada (granada, southern spain). a study of the spermatogonial meiosis of 15 h. sulcata males was carried out. the diploid complement is 2n = 21 and its sex determination is xx:xo. the behavior of the chromosomes in the different stages of meiosis was also investigated, and the possible presence of a secondary nucleolar organizer region in h. sulcata is discussed.19979105298
aspects of animal giardiosis in granada province (southern spain).an epidemiological study of animal giardiosis was carried out in the province of granada. in this study, 912 samples from dogs, 592 from cows, 1165 from sheep, and 574 from goats were analyzed, obtaining prevalences of 12.09%, 0.16%, 6.26% and 4.00%, respectively. prevalence was studied in relation to sex of host, area within the province and seasonal change; in addition, the age factor was taken into account in the case of dogs.19968888550
[epidemiology of hydatidosis in the province of córdoba. ii. incidence of animal hydatidosis]. 19807348348
biodiversity of the microbial community in a spanish farmhouse cheese as revealed by culture-dependent and culture-independent methods.the microbial diversity within alberquilla cheese, made from a spontaneously fermented mixture of raw goats' and sheep's milk in the alpujarra mountains (granada, south-east spain), has been studied by the classical culturing method and also by molecular analysis of community dna. a collection of 206 isolates was obtained from the cheese on different selective/differential media, which were then re-grouped to 52 after randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd)-pcr analyses. isolates on man-rogosa ...200818692931
brucellosis outbreak due to unpasteurized raw goat cheese in andalucia (spain), january - march 2002.eleven brucellosis cases were identified in three municipalities of cordoba (andalucia, spain). a case-control study was conducted, selecting three cases per control. persons having eaten unpasteurized raw goat cheese produced in a farmhouse located in the epidemic territory, were at higher risk for presenting brucellosis (or=21.6, ic95%=1.6-639.8). brucella melitensis serovar 3 was identified in clinical specimens and in goat tissue and milk samples from the herd's farmhouse. preventive measure ...200312941982
epidemiological surveillance of bluetongue virus serotypes 1, 4 and 8 in spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica hispanica) in southern spain.a cross-sectional study was carried out to assess the prevalence and circulation of bluetongue virus (btv) in spanish ibexes (capra pyrenaica hispanica). a total of 770 sera samples, 380 blood samples and 34 spleen samples were collected between 2006 and 2009 in andalusia (southern spain), a region and time period with a wide circulation of btv in livestock. thirty-one out of 770 (4.0%; ci(95%): 2.6-5.4) sera samples analyzed by elisa showed antibodies against btv. twenty-four out of 31 seroposi ...201021111545
monitoring bluetongue disease (btv-1) epidemic in southern spain during 2007.on the 25th of july 2007, bluetongue virus (btv) serotype 1 was detected in andalusia, southern spain for the first time. a total of 4436 farms infected with btv-1 were confirmed during that year: 3162 in sheep flocks, 113 in goat flocks, 7 in cattle herds and 1154 in mixed farms (sheep, goat and/or cattle in the same farm). the most common clinical signs were: fever, depression, lethargy, facial edema, and salivation (observed in more than 70% of the infected farms). lesions in oral mucosa, lam ...201020663576
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