influence of leaded-gasoline regulations on the blood lead concentrations in murciano-granadina goats from murcia region, southeast spain. 200312756457
intentional poisoning of animals in southeastern spain: a review of the veterinary toxicology service from murcia, of toxicological analyses carried out over a 10-y period for suspected cases of wild and domestic animal poisonings are summarized. of the 123 cases suspected as deliberate, 102 were be analyzed and 50 of them were positive to intentional poisoning, a total of 107 dead animals. pesticides, especially insecticides (72%) and rodenticides (26%), were frequently involved. aldicarb (n=15), anticoagulant rodenticides (n=8) and strychnine (n=4) were the most common toxins in baits prepared for int ...200312583702
camelostrongylus mentulatus in domestic goats from the iberian peninsula.two male worms of camelostrongylus mentulatus were found in one of 84 murciano-granadina goats in murcia, south-eastern spain. this is the first report of c. mentulatus in goats in the iberian peninsula and the possible origin and transmission of this nematode in spain are discussed.200314627456
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