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changes in the blood pictureof the red goat of maradi as a function of its gastrointestinal parasitism.numerous "chèvres de maradi" are bred in republique du niger (cap. niamey), 2 - 10(+6) numbered in 1973. this rustic ruminant is often very parasitized by intestinal nematodes and sporozoa. the most frequent genera are bunostomum (55%), trichostrongylus (40%), strongyloides (27%), oesophagostomum and haemonchus (20%), sometimes moniezia or stilesia, coccidiosis being endemic and very pathogenic, eimeria (70%). polyparasitism is a "modus vivendi" between the host and these various parasites. all ...197611658
[study of two goitrous endemic areas in niger: belley-koira and tiguey-tallawal].the present work reports the clinical and laboratory findings in two endemic areas in niger: tiguey-tallawal and belley-koira. the goitrous subjects (n = 293), mainly children and adolescents, have clinical evidence of euthyroidism but with biological criteria of hypothyroidism in 25% of cases as shown by the decrease of the total serum t4 and the increase of serum tsh. iodine deficiency intake evaluated by the determination of urinary iodine in single urine specimens is the permissive and main ...19901966663
antibodies to hemorrhagic fever viruses in domestic livestock in niger: rift valley fever and crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever.a repository of domestic animal sera collected in niger between 1984 and 1988 was assayed for antibody against two zoonotic hemorrhagic fever viruses known to be present in the west african sahel. a total of 2,540 serum samples from 2,324 cattle, sheep, goats, and camels were tested by an igg-specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and the 80% plaque reduction neutralization test (prnt80) for rift valley fever (rvf) virus antibody. of the 2,540 sera tested for rvf-specific igg antibod ...19957573699
[malaria knowledge and practice. medical study in songhay-zarma (niger)].two randomized studies were performed in 1992 and 1994 in the niger river valley where malaria transmission is thought to be permanent and is reinforced during the rainy season. the sample covered 114 families either in niamey, the capital of niger, or in karma, a rural village 20 km to the west, and its surroundings. the questionnaire contained closed and open questions on the perception of malaria causes, treatment and prevention, including the use of mosquito bed nets. most of the 114 familie ...19958777545
[serological study of rickettsia infections in niamey, niger].rickettsioses is a possible alternative to presumptive diagnosis of malaria. a serologic study was carried out in 1994 to determine the prevalence of rickettsioses in children under 5 years of age from three different areas of niamey, niger. indirect immunofluorescent assays using the micromethod were performed with antigens for rickettsia conori, rickettsia mooseri, and coxiella burneti. results were read from a positive threshold of 1/160 up to 1/640. out of a randomized population of 177 chil ...19979304008
the who collaborating centre for research and control of schistosomiasis at niamey, niger.the centre de recherche sur les méningites et les schistosomes (cermes) is a research institute depending on the organisation de coordination et de coopération pour la lutte contre les grandes endémies--a west african organization for public health--devoted to the studies on schistosomiasis and meningitis. the staff includes 32 persons with 11 scientists and one financial officer. the activities of the cermes involving schistosomiasis concern three research units: (a) ecology of human and animal ...19979566246
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