isolation of enterobacteria from diarrhoeic west african dwarf investigation was undertaken to determine enterobacteriaceae from faecal swabs of west african dwarf goats suffering from diarrhoea in the nsukka area of anambra state, nigeria. in one academic year a total of 37 enteric bacteria were successfully recovered aseptically from 35 faecal swabs from caprine species. the predominant enterobacteria pathogens isolated from diarrhoeic goats and their relative percentage frequency of isolation were: 27 escherichia (73%), 7 proteus (19%) and 3 shigella ...19883216800
epidemiology of echinococcosis/hydatidosis in anambra state, nigeria.the prevalence of hydatidosis in cattle, goats and pigs slaughtered in anambra state, eastern nigeria during 1973 to 1979, as determined from official meat inspection records, was 7/373,242 (0.002%), 249/476,249 (0.05%) and 1/31,005 (0.003%), respectively. special point surveys conducted from september 1979 to february 1980 and from march 1985 to september 1987 in two of the slaughterhouses that officially recorded zero infection rates also found no infection in the 551 cattle, 3830 goats and 21 ...19892604476
incidence of rabies virus complement-fixing antibodies in unvaccinated dogs, humans and livestock in anambra state of nigeria.a total of 376 serum samples from dogs, humans and livestock were examined for complement-fixing (cf) antibodies against rabies virus. high cf antibody titres (up to 1:1024) were detected among unvaccinated dogs aged 3 months and above as in vaccinated ones, thus establishing endemicity of the virus in the area. an antibody titre of 1:128 was detected in the serum of a puppy aged below 3 months and is unlikely to be due to residual maternal antibodies. it rather provides evidence for seroconvers ...19921602992
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