a survey for ilesha bunyamwera group virus antibodies in sera from domestic animals and humans in three ecological zones of nigeria.343 persons, 58 children and 285 adults, from three ecological zones: rainforest, savannah, and plateau were tested for the presence of ilesha virus n antibodies in their sera. neutralization tests were conducted in suckling mice using the constant virus--constant serum technique. 155 subjects (45%) had ilesha immunity: 22 children (38%) and 133 adults (44%). the highest percentage of positive sera was found in the savannah (54%), followed by the plateau and rainforest. a further analysis of the ...19751216686
Molecular characterization and phylogenetic study of peste des petits ruminants viruses from North central States of Nigeria.Peste des petits ruminants is an endemic disease of sheep and goats in Nigeria and vaccination has been the method of control but sporadic outbreaks have been reported. This study was carried out to characterize PPR viruses from outbreaks in 2007 and 2009 from Kaduna and Plateau States.201121726444
rift valley fever in nigeria: infections in domestic animals.between 1986 and 1989, 2,255 sera collected from six domestic animal species in nigeria were tested for antibodies to rift valley fever (rvf) virus. in addition, a longitudinal study was carried out from july 1987 to december 1988, using ten sentinel flocks on four farms at ibadan and ile-ife, to determine the activity of rvf virus (rvfv). all samples were tested for haemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies and positive sera were further screened, using the plaque reduction neutralisation test. o ...19969025143
the prevalence of toxoplasma gondii antibodies in man in plateau state and meat animals in nigeria.toxoplasma gondii antibodies were found in the sera of 22.86% of people in the jos area of plateau state, nigeria. the incidence of antibodies in nigerian food animals was 17.40%, the highest being in sheep (21.92%) and lowest in goats (13.88%). cattle and horses were roughly equally infected--about 17.0%. the zoonotic potential of t. gondii in food animals is stressed and epidemiological factors are reviewed.19853992640
sarcoptic mange of sheep in plateau state, nigeria. 19827186815
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