caprine enteritis associated with yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection.yersiniosis was prevalent among a caprine herd during the late autumn of 2003 in iwate prefecture, japan. the disease affected 29 of about 100 lactating goats, but not dried or nonparous goats, mature male goats or kids. four animals died within an epidemic period of 20 days. affected animals developed decreased milk production with subsequent watery diarrhea, neutrophilia with increased band forms and multiple microabscesses characteristic of yersiniosis in the intestinal mucosa from the jejunu ...200516210800
a new oxyurid species (nematoda) collected from a japanese serow, capricornis crispus (mammalia: bovidae), in japan.skrjabinema kamosika sp. n. (nematoda: oxyuridae) is described based on both sexes collected from endemic japanese serows, capricornis crispus (mammalia: bovidae), of wakayama prefecture, western honshu island, and kochi prefecture, shikoku island, japan. it is readily distinguished from the congeners by having tricuspid sub-interlabial projections in males, large triangular lateral lobes of the lips that do not reach the mouth rim, and a large length ratio of alate/nonalate portions of the tail ...201222662765
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