a new host record of camelostrongylus mentulatus (nematoda; trichostrongyloidea) from abomasum of a giraffe at a zoo in japan.camelostrongylus mentulatus (railliet et henry, 1909) orloff, 1933 (nematoda; trichostrongyloidea) was found from the abomasum of a three-year-old female cape giraffe, giraffa camelopardalis giraffa, born and died in a zoo park in yamaguchi prefecture, japan. this is the new host record from giraffidae and geographical distribution of c. mentulatus. present case of c. mentulatus might be infected from other ruminants, e.g., camels, antelopes and goats, kept at a same paddock in the zoo. risk of ...19968996706
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