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stx2vha is the dominant genotype of shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli o157:h7 isolated from patients and domestic animals in three regions of china.shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli(stec) o157: h7 strains were isolated from domestic animals and patients from xuzhou city, jiangsu province, china and the bordering anhui and henan provinces and were examined for the stx genotype. of 390 strains, 277 were identified as genotype stx2vha ; 41, stx2 ; 51, stx2-stx1 ; 1, stx2-stx2vha-stx1 ; 5, stx2-stx2vha ; and 15 were un-typeable. of the 277 stx2vha-bearing isolates, 116 were isolated from goats; 42, cattle; 38, hens, and 35 from pigs. the s ...200516365526
does multiple hosts mean multiple parasites? population genetic structure of schistosoma japonicum between definitive host species.multi-host parasites, those capable of infecting more than one species of host, are responsible for the majority of all zoonotic, emerging or persistent human and animal diseases and are considered one of the major challenges for the biomedical sciences in the 21st century. we characterized the population structure of the multi-host parasite schistosoma japonicum in relation to its definitive host species by genotyping miracidia collected from humans and domestic animals across five villages aro ...200616876170
parasite genetic differentiation by habitat type and host species: molecular epidemiology of schistosoma japonicum in hilly and marshland areas of anhui province, china.schistosoma japonicum, a parasite of significant public health importance in parts of china and southeast asia, is a true generalist pathogen with over 40 species of mammals suspected as definitive host reservoirs. in order to characterize levels of parasite gene flow across host species and identify the most important zoonotic reservoirs, s. japonicum larvae (miracidia) were sampled from a range of definitive host species in two contrasting habitat types within anhui province, china: a low-lyin ...200919389178
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