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theileriosis of sheep and goats in china.theileriosis is an important disease of sheep and goats in west china. its main distribution includes qinghai, gansu, ningxia, inner mongolia, shaanxi and sichuan. the epidemic period is from late march to july with april-may being the peak months. this is the period of most intensive tick attack by haemaphysalis qinghaiensis (77.2-99.24%) during the year. it has been proved that the nymphs and adults, which develop from larvae and nymphs engorged on infected sheep or goats can transmit the path ...19979512737
studies on the pathogenesis of shimao zheng (fleece-eating) in sheep and goats.research on the disease called shimao zheng, which had resulted in widespread fleece-eating and shedding by sheep and goats in the haizi area of akesa county of gansu province of china, was carried out by both laboratory studies and pathological observations. there was a marked deficiency of sulfur in the wool and tissues of the affected animals. the pathological changes were mainly loss of fleece, exposure of the skin, keratinization of the epidermal cells, narrowing and reduced numbers of the ...200111767009
isolation and preliminary characterization of a large babesia sp. from sheep and goats in the eastern part of gansu province, china.two species of babesia were isolated from naturally infected sheep in the eastern part of gansu province. one of the species was identified as b. ovis, while the another one seems as yet to be an unidentified babesia species. the latter could be transmitted transovarially by haemaphysalis longicornis. it was shown that larvae and nymphs transmit the organism to sheep and goats with a prepatent period of 5-28 days. as the carrier period of b. ovis is longer than that of the larger species and the ...200212051600
epidemiology of ovine theileriosis in ganan region, gansu province, china.the epidemiology of ovine theilreiosis in gannan tibet autonomous region was investigated. the results of these studies indicate that this disease is endemic in the following counties of gannan where the vector tick was identified as haemaphysalis qighaiensis: luqu, xiahe, hezuo, zhuoni, lintan, diebu, maqu. the disease mainly occurred from march to may and some cases also occurred in september and october. the incidence rates in lambs of sheep brought from areas free of the disease were high. o ...200212051605
molecular study of echinococcus in west-central china.west-central china is an important endemic focus of both alveolar and cystic echinococcosis where several species of intermediate host are commonly infected with echinococcus granulosus and e. multilocularis . isolates of e. granulosus were collected from humans and other animals from different geographical areas of qinghai, ningxia, gansu and sichuan, and genotyped using the mitochondrial dna marker atp synthase subunit 6 gene (atp6). the sheep strain (g1 genotype) of e. granulosus was shown to ...200516174420
serological investigation of ovine theileriosis by elisa in gannan tibet region of gansu province in china.the gannan tibet autonomous region is the biggest and most important stock-raising region of gansu province, people's republic of china. many sheep and goats from this region suffer from theileria challenge each year, resulting in inestimable economical losses. a first large-scale serological investigation by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of ovine theileriosis in this region was performed by testing a total of 1,165 sera samples collected from seven districts of three counties. the results s ...200717823828
the development and evaluation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) method for detection of babesia spp. infective to sheep and goats in china.the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) reaction is a method that amplifies with high sensitivity, efficiency, and rapidity, deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) under isothermal condition in simple incubators. two primer sets for the lamp method were designed using the nucleotide sequences of 18s rrna gene of babesia sp. bq1 (lintan) and babesia sp. xinjiang-2005 isolated in china. the primers were used to detect parasite dna extracted from infected blood and purified parasites by lamp. the sp ...200818504039
an outbreak of sheep pox associated with goat poxvirus in gansu province of china.three strains of capripoxviruses (capvs) were isolated from an outbreak of sheep pox in gansu province of china. they were analyzed by p32 gene-based molecular methods and a species-specific pcr based on the rpo30 gene. two bands which are specific to goat poxvirus (gtpv) were observed after the pcr products of p32 gene were digested with the endonuclease of hinf i. moreover, an amplicon of 172bp, which is specific to gtpv, was amplified from the viruses by using the rpo30 gene-based pcr. sequen ...201122169434
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