isolation of getah virus from mosquitos collected on hainan island, china, and results of a isolate of getah virus was obtained from culex mosquitos collected in mao'an village, baoting county, hainan province, china, in 1964. the virus (strain m-1) replicated in laboratory-bred aedes aegypti and cx. fatigans (= quinquefasciatus), and was transmitted by laboratory-bred ae. albopictus to healthy newborn albino mice. skeletal muscles of newborn albino mice experimentally infected with the virus showed degeneration, atrophy, necrosis, and inflammatory changes of muscle fibers. antibody ...19921338481
a novel genetic variant of the goat six6 gene and its association with production traits in chinese goat breeds.we looked for novel genetic variations within the six6 gene by pcr-sscp, dna sequencing and forced rflp-pcr and estimated their associations with production traits in 2132 goats of eight indigenous chinese breeds. a novel single nucleotide polymorphism (nm_001104993.1: g.232t>c) within the goat six6 gene was identified. the frequencies of allele "c" varied from 0.8621 to 1.000, which were in hardy-weinberg equilibrium. genotype and allele frequencies were found to be significantly differe ...201122179999
experimental infection of an isolate of taenia solium from hainan in domestic animals.the present study was designed to determine the susceptibility of domestic animals to an isolate of taenia solium from hainan province, people's republic of china. a total of 162 cysticerci were recovered from two pigs and 21 from two dogs after experimental inoculation. cats, goats and a calf were not susceptible to t. solium. cysticerci were recovered mainly from muscles of the pigs and all were alive. the remainder were in the liver and only one was alive. in the dog, all cysticerci were reco ...19947829849
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