yersiniosis in sheep due to yersinia outbreak of acute yersiniosis occurred amongst sheep transported from inner mongolia to hunan province in southern china. morbidity was 41% and mortality of affected sheep was 34%. eleven apparently identical isolates of yersinia enterocolitica were obtained from liver, lung and skin lesions of affected sheep and all were biotype 3. isolates could not be serotyped with available antisera. lesions were observed in the skin, intestine, liver and lungs. the causative bacterium is apparently diff ...19947953581
the complete mitochondrial genome of xiangdong black goat (capra hircus).xiangdong black goat (capra hircus) is a native breed of hunan province in china. it is the first time that the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of xiangdong black goat is reported in this work, which is determined through the pcr-based method. the total length of the mitognome is 16,641 bp, which contains 2 ribosomal rna genes, 22 trna genes, 13 pcgs and 1 conntrol region (d-loop region). the total base composition of lantang pig mitochondrial genome is 33.53% a, 13.12% g, 27.25% t and 26 ...201625423508
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