[skin carcinoma of goats in tibet--its incidence and pathologic features]. 19836653344
ehrlichiae and ehrlichial diseases in china.the various ticks collected from different areas of china were examined for the existence of ehrlichial agents by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) with genus- or species-specific primers designed on the basis of ehrlichial 16s rrna genes and sequence analyses. in southern china, e. chaffeensis was detected in amblyomma testudinarium ticks from infested cattle, haemaphysalis yeni ticks from hare, and ixodes ovatus ticks from muntiacus reevesi. e. canis was identified in rhipicephalus sanguineus ti ...200312860598
[cloning and homologous analysis of coding region of alpha-globin gene from tibetan antelope].to clone and analyze the encoding region of alpha-globin gene from tibetan antelope.200717618582
development of one-step real-time rt-pcr assay for detection and quantitation of peste des petits ruminants this study, a rapid and specific taqman-based, one-step real-time quantitative reverse transcription pcr (qrt-pcr) has been described for the detection of peste des petits ruminants virus (pprv). primers and probe were designed based on the nucleocapsid protein gene sequence. the real-time qrt-pcr assay was able to detect pprv isolates from very distinct geographical areas (africa, middle east and asia). the specificity of the assay was assessed by including rinderpest virus and other morbill ...200818243345
echinococcus granulosus infection and options for control of cystic echinococcosis in tibetan communities of western sichuan province, china.human cystic echinococcosis (ce) is highly endemic in the tibetan regions of sichuan where most families keep guard dogs and where there are considerable numbers of ownerless/stray dogs. strong buddhist beliefs do not allow for elimination of stray dogs, and many strays are actually fed and adopted by households or monasteries. on account of the high altitude (3900-5000 m), pasturage is the major agricultural activity in this area. the harsh mountainous climate often leads to many grazing animal ...200919399162
detection and genetic characterization of peste des petits ruminants virus in free-living bharals (pseudois nayaur) in tibet, china.peste des petits ruminants (ppr) is an important viral disease of sheep and goats. the wildlife hosts of ppr, which may play an important role in the epidemiology of this disease, are not well characterized. the research was undertaken to study the infection of ppr virus (pprv) in free-living bharals (pseudois nayaur) in tibet, china. in 2007, pprv infection was confirmed in two bharals in rutog county of tibet based on clinical signs and detection of pprv rna in tissue samples. in 2008, pprv in ...201120591454
peste des petits ruminants virus in tibet, china.serologic and molecular evidence indicates that peste des petits ruminants virus (pprv) infection has emerged in goats and sheep in the ngari region of southwestern tibet, people's republic of china. phylogenetic analysis confirms that the pprv strain from tibet is classified as lineage 4 and is closely related to viruses currently circulating in neighboring countries of southern asia.200919193278
genetic variations of 13 indigenous chinese goat breeds based on cytochrome b gene sequences.phylogenetic relationships among and genetic variability within 13 chinese indigenous goat breeds and boer goat were analyzed using cytochrome b gene sequences. there were 44 variable sites found in a 642 bp sequence, and 46 cyt b haplotypes were subsequently defined. the phylogeny analysis of haplotypes in combination with goat cyt b sequences from genbank shows that chinese goats are obviously separated from wild goats and might come from capra aegagrus. further analysis indicated that indigen ...200616691436
epidemiology of ovine theileriosis in ganan region, gansu province, china.the epidemiology of ovine theilreiosis in gannan tibet autonomous region was investigated. the results of these studies indicate that this disease is endemic in the following counties of gannan where the vector tick was identified as haemaphysalis qighaiensis: luqu, xiahe, hezuo, zhuoni, lintan, diebu, maqu. the disease mainly occurred from march to may and some cases also occurred in september and october. the incidence rates in lambs of sheep brought from areas free of the disease were high. o ...200212051605
[sequence characterization of the 5'-flanking region of the ghr gene in tibetan sheep].the 5'-flanking sequence (including the p1 promotor and exon 1a) of the ghr gene in oura-type tibetan sheep (o. aries) was cloned by t-a method and sequenced (genbank accession no. ef116490). characterization and comparison of this sequence with mouflons (o. musimon), goat (c. hircus), cattle (b. taurus) and european bison (b. bonasus) orthologues were also conducted. results showed that: 1) the 5'-flanking region contained many potential transcriptional factor binding sites such as those for c/ ...200717681925
serological investigation of ovine theileriosis by elisa in gannan tibet region of gansu province in china.the gannan tibet autonomous region is the biggest and most important stock-raising region of gansu province, people's republic of china. many sheep and goats from this region suffer from theileria challenge each year, resulting in inestimable economical losses. a first large-scale serological investigation by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of ovine theileriosis in this region was performed by testing a total of 1,165 sera samples collected from seven districts of three counties. the results s ...200717823828
a mitochondrial genome sequence of the tibetan antelope (pantholops hodgsonii).to investigate genetic mechanisms of high altitude adaptations of native mammals on the tibetan plateau, we compared mitochondrial sequences of the endangered pantholops hodgsonii with its lowland distant relatives ovis aries and capra hircus, as well as other mammals. the complete mitochondrial genome of p. hodgsonii (16,498 bp) revealed a similar gene order as of other mammals. because of tandem duplications, the control region of p. hodgsonii mitochondrial genome is shorter than those of o. a ...200516144518
economic effects of echinococcosis in a disease-endemic region of the tibetan plateau.this report attempts to quantify the economic losses due to echinococcus multilocularis and e. granulosus in shiqu county, sichuan, people's republic of china, as well as illustrate the cost effectiveness of dog anthelmintic prophylaxis combined with a sheep and goat vaccination program in terms of disability-adjusted life years (dalys) saved. we evaluated human losses associated with treatment costs and loss of income due to morbidity and mortality, in addition to production losses in livestock ...200516014823
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