coccidial infections of goats in selangor, peninsular malaysia.coccidial infections were studied in goats in the state of selangor (peninsular malaysia) during a 12-month period. the study included 10 smallholder farms on which kids were monitored for faecal oocyst counts from birth until 1-year old. eimeria oocysts were found in 725 (89%) of 815 faecal samples examined. nine species of eimeria were identified. the most prevalent were e. arloingi, found in 71% of the samples, e. ninakohlyakimovae (67%), e. christenseni (63%) and e. alijevi (61%). the other ...19989561704
abundance, parity, and japanese encephalitis virus infection of mosquitoes (diptera:culicidae) in sepang district, malaysia.a 2-yr study of japanese encephalitis (je) virus in sepang district, selangor, malaysia, was carried out to identify the mosquito vectors and to determine their seasonal abundance, parity, and infection rates. in total, 81,889 mosquitoes belonging to 9 genera and > 50 species were identified from cdc trap collections augmented with dry ice during 1992 and 1993. culex tritaeniorhynchus giles and culex gelidus giles were the most abundant species, and both increased in numbers with increases in ra ...19979151487
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