reovirus antibodies among animals in taiwan.serum specimens for reovirus antibody survey were collected from 60 pigs, 50 buffalos, 30 rabbits, 30 guinea pigs, 20 albino rats, 60 swiss mice, 15 taiwan monkeys, 14 goats and 12 dogs. serum antibodies were measured by the hemagglutination inhibition (hi) test. hi antibodies to reovirus were found in a high percentage of pigs, albino rats, swiss mice, dogs and goats, and less frequently in rabbits, guinea pigs, taiwan monkeys and buffalos.1976827427
eating habits of east asian people and transmission of order to understand the role of raw meat and viscera eating habits in the transmission of taeniasis in asian countries, 1502 infected aborigines in ten mountainous districts/towns of six counties in taiwan, 58 infected persons in two villages on cheju island, korea, and 97 cases in ambarita district on samosir island, north sumatra, indonesia were studied during the field surveys. all infected taiwan aborigines had the habit of eating raw meat and viscera of wild and/or domestic animals. amon ...19921356301
a team approach to a disease survey on an aboriginal island (orchid island, taiwan). iv. mosquitos and chiggers on lan-yü (orchid island), taitung hsien, taiwan. 19744153585
a team approach to a disease survey on an aboriginal island (orchid island, taiwan). v. arboviral, rickettsial and brucella antibodies on orchid island. 19744370641
leptospirosis in man and rodents on taiwan. 19685692123
serological survey and first finding of neospora caninum in taiwan, and the detection of its antibodies in various body fluids of cattle.a serological survey for antibodies against neospora caninum in cattle, goats and farm dogs in taiwan was carried out. sera of 613 cattle from 25 dairy farms, 24 goats from six goat farms and 13 dogs from six dairy cattle farms were tested for antibodies against n. caninum using indirect fluorescence antibody test (ifat). the same sera were also tested for antibodies against toxoplasma gondii using latex agglutination test. of the 613 cattle sera, 44.9% (275/613) were found to have antibodies ag ...200010828511
characteristics of foot and mouth disease virus in taiwan.since march 1997 two strains of foot and mouth disease (fmd) virus have found their way into taiwan, causing severe outbreaks in pigs and in chinese yellow cattle. outbreaks occurred in march 1997 were caused by a pig-adapted virus strain (o/taiwan/97) which did not infect other species of cloven-hoofed animals by natural route. the epidemic spread over the whole region of taiwan within two months and the aftermath was 6,147 pig farms infected and 3,850,746 pigs destroyed. in june 1999, the seco ...200010945282
molecular characterization of foot-and-mouth disease virus isolated from ruminants in taiwan in 1999, 10 sporadic outbreaks of cattle foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) occurred in taiwan. by the time, infection was limited to the chinese yellow cattle (a native species of beef cattle in mainland china), which did not develop vesicular lesions under field conditions. five viruses isolates obtained from individual farms were confirmed to be the serotype o fmd virus (o/taiwan/1999). during january-february 2000, however, this virus has spread to dairy cattle and goat herds, causing severe morta ...200111390103
identification of bluetongue virus in goats in taiwan. 200515675526
detecting emerging strains of tuberculosis by using spoligotypes.the w-beijing strain of tuberculosis has been identified in many molecular epidemiological studies as being particularly prevalent. this identification has been made possible through the development of a number of genotyping technologies including spoligotyping. highly prevalent genotypes associated with outbreaks, such as the w-beijing strain, are implicitly regarded as fast spreading. here we present a quantitative method to identify "emerging" strains, those that are spreading faster than the ...200617015836
phylogenetic analysis of parapoxviruses and the c-terminal heterogeneity of viral atpase proteins.two outbreaks of orf virus (a parapoxvirus) infection in goats found in nantou and taiping of central taiwan were investigated. the nucleotide and the amino acid sequences of viral b2l, e3l and a32l genes in these two outbreaks were analyzed, and each of their phylogenetic trees were also constructed. in the a32l gene, an unexpected deletion of 24 nucleotides was found in the taiping strain. the a32l gene can encode an atpase and is supposed to be involved in virion dna packaging. the 24 nucleot ...200919061942
differential diagnosis of orf viruses by a single-step pcr.the complete nucleotide sequence of the a32l gene (named after vaccinia virus, corresponding with open reading frame 108 of the orf virus and encoding an atpase) of the orf virus was studied using samples of orf virus from infected goats, which were collected from six outbreaks in central taiwan. dna sequence analysis of the a32l genes of these and isolates from other countries showed sequence heterogeneity (base pair variation and deletion) in the 3'-terminal regions. this finding led to the de ...200919409929
phylogenetic analysis and characterization of korean orf virus from dairy goats: case outbreak of orf virus infection in dairy goats in korea was investigated. suspected samples of the skin and lip of affected goats were sent to the laboratory for more exact diagnosis. orf virus was detected by electron microscopy and viral dna was identified by pcr. to reveal the genetic characteristics of the korean strain (orf/09/korea), the sequences of the major envelope protein (b2l) and orf virus interferon resistance (vir) genes were determined and then compared with published referenc ...200919835585
putative canine origin of rotavirus strain detected in a child with diarrhea, taiwan.abstract rotavirus g3p[3] strains have been reported from a variety of species including humans, cats, dogs, monkeys, goats, and cows. here, we report the characterization of the first human g3p[3] rotavirus from east asia identified in a 2-year-old child who was treated in a hospital's emergency ward in taiwan in february 2005. sequence and phylogenetic analysis demonstrated a close genetic relationship between the vp4, vp6, vp7, and nsp4 genes of taiwanese g3p[3] strain 04-94s51 and an itali ...201122022813
identification of lactic acid bacteria in taiwanese ropy fermented milk and evaluation of their microbial ecology in bovine and caprine milk.the purpose of this study was to identify species of lactic acid bacteria in taiwanese ropy fermented milk and to study their microbial dynamics during the fermentation process through conventional microbiological cultivation and pcr-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. identification results indicated that lactococcus lactis ssp. cremoris and leuconostoc mesenteroides ssp. mesenteroides were the major lactic acid bacteria in taiwanese ropy fermented milk. interestingly, 3 groups were identi ...201121257031
identification of risk factors of coxiella burnetii (q fever) infection in veterinary-associated populations in southern taiwan.the first case of q fever in taiwan was reported in 1993. the disease is considered to be emerging in taiwan, but the route of transmission has remained unclear. the annual number of confirmed q fever cases has been increasing up to more than 100 cases since 2005, comparing with less than 30 before 2003. the purpose of this study was to determine the seroprevalence and risk factors of coxiella burnetii infection in veterinary-associated populations in southern taiwan. a total of 228 serum sample ...201019968850
subclinical bluetongue virus infection in domestic ruminants in taiwan.bluetongue is an arthropod-borne viral disease affecting domestic and wild ruminants. taiwan, with the tropic of cancer crossing through it, was considered free of bluetongue virus (btv) before 2001. the goals of this study are to identify the serotype and phylogeny of taiwan btv isolates and to understand the serological status and chronology of btv infection. analysis of the s10 gene segment revealed that taiwan btv isolates are closely related to chinese strains. seropositive results were fou ...201019900768
identification and phylogenetic analysis of orf virus from goats in outbreak of contagious ecthyma in goats in central taiwan was investigated. the disease was diagnosed by physical and histopathologic examinations, and the etiology of the disease was identified as orf virus by electron microscopy and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and sequence of major envelope protein (b2l) gene. the entire protein-coding region of b2l gene were cloned and sequenced. phylogenetic analysis of b2l amino acid sequences showed that the orf virus identified in this outbreak was ...200717682935
detection of cryptosporidium sp. oocyst and giardia sp. cyst in faucet water samples from cattle and goat farms in taiwan.a survey on the presence of cryptosporidium oocyst and giardia cyst in livestock drinking water as well as the urban tap water throughout taiwan was carried out. water examination for the presence of the protozoa was conducted by filtering through a ptfe membrane followed by immunomagnetic separation (ims) and immunostaining the sediment with commercially available monoclonal antibody against cryptosporidium and giardia. of the 55 different water samples from various sources examined, 2 were fou ...200516397394
examination of meat components in commercial dog and cat feed by using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphisms (pcr-rflps) has been shown that certain slow neurological diseases such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (also known as "mad cow" disease) could be transmitted through contaminated food intake by animals; therefore, the examination of meat components in commercial feeds is important for the control of the disease in public health. the combination of polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphisms (pcr-rflps) technique was applied to examine the meat components in dog and cat commer ...200415297759
estimation of methane and nitrous oxide emission from animal production sector in taiwan during investigate the greenhouse gases emissions from the feeding and waste management of livestock and poultry, methane and nitrous oxide emissions were estimated from the local measurement and ipcc guidelines during 1990-2000 in taiwan. hog is the major livestock and is followed by goat and cattle, while chicken is the major poultry and is followed by duck and geese. methane emission from enteric fermentation of livestock was 30.9 gg in 1990, increased to 39.3 gg in 1996, and then decreased gradu ...200312867167
morphology of the tongue of a male formosan serow (capricornis crispus swinhoei).the morphology of the tongue of an adult formosan serow was examined to compare it with that of the japanese serow by macroscopical and scanning electron microscopical observations. the tongue was 13.5 cm in length and 82 g in weight. the apex showed a u-shaped outline. there were 340 fungiform papillae and 23 vallate papillae on both sides. filiform, fungiform, conical and vallate papillae were found. annular pads surrounding the vallate papillae were poorly developed. no lenticular or foliate ...19989505441
identification and differentiation of bear bile used in medicinal products in hundred eighty-three suspect bear bile used in medicinal products, collected in taiwan as gall bladders or dried powder forms, were analyzed using ftir, hptlc, and hplc techniques to identify whether they are indeed bear bile. those confirmed were further examined to determine whether the observed analytical parameters can be reliably used for source inference, i.e., differentiating products among north american black bear, farmed asiatic black bear, polar bear, etc. our data suggested that ...19979304828
effect of protein and starch degradation rates on rumen metabolism in taiwan native goat.six ruminal and duodenal cannulated taiwan native goats (body weight = 20 kg) were fed 35% roughage, 65% concentrate diet (crude protein = 9.5%) in a 6 x 6 latin square design to study the effect of the combination of 3 varying starch (corn) and 2 varying protein (soybeans) ruminal degradation rates on ruminal microbial density and ruminal nutrient digestibilities. goats in treatment consisting of both rapid starch and protein ruminal degradation rates had higher total bacterial and protozoal nu ...19957624449
haemaphysalis (kaiseriana) mageshimaensis (ixodoidea: ixodidae): human and wild and domestic mammal hosts, and distribution in japan, taiwan, and china. 19744430953
an outbreak of schistosomiasis japonica in taiwan.the present study was undertaken to determine the current status of schistosoma japonicum infection in the newly found endemic focus at hanpao farm, fangyuan district, changhua county, west-central taiwan. two field surveys and one laboratory investigation were conducted from july to october 1987. of 705 snails examined by shedding and crushing methods, 17.0% were found to harbor cercariae of s. japonicum. by sodium sulfate-acid-ether-triton centrifugal sedimentation technique, 25% of 16 cattle, ...19883151482
studies of taeniasis in taiwan. xii. prevalence of taeniasis among atayal aborigines in wufeng district, hsinchu county, northwest order to determine the prevalence of taeniasis in the wufeng district of hsinchu county, 341 school children from 2 primary schools and 748 atayal aborigines from 4 villages were examined with a scotch tape perianal swab and by questionnaire and demonstration of proglottides. the infection rates of taeniasis and enterobiasis among the school children were 1% and 8%, respectively. the overall infection rate of taeniasis among the atayal aborigines was 6%, and 189 previously treated and cured p ...19902352317
genetic analysis of two taiwanese bluetongue viruses.btv2/km/2003 and btv12/pt/2003 are the first identified bluetongue viruses in taiwan. the prototype virus btv2/km/2003 was previously characterized in various respects as low virulent. in the present study, nucleotide sequences of the ten genome segments and their coding regions of the taiwan strains were determined and analyzed. the two strains had >96.8% nucleotide and >97.9% deduced amino acid identities to each other, except for the vp2 genes. their genome sequences, except for ns1 and vp2 g ...201120855174
cryptosporidium infection in livestock and first identification of cryptosporidium parvum genotype in cattle feces in taiwan.fecal survey by modified ziehl-neelsen (mzn) method and immunofluorescence assay (ifa) of cryptosporidium infection in cattle and goats in taiwan showed a prevalence of 37.6% (173/460) and 35.8% (44/123), respectively. in addition to the calves, adult cattle were also found to be shedding cryptosporidium oocyst. no significant difference was observed between diarrheic and non-diarrheic cattle feces with regard to the presence of cryptosporidium oocyst. two groups of oocysts with different diamet ...200515997405
prevalence of chlamydophila abortus infection in domesticated ruminants in taiwan.this study is to (1) investigate the prevalence of chlamydophila abortus infection in cows and goats in taiwan, and (2) compare the genetic properties of taiwanese isolates with abortion strains from other sources. approximately 71% of aborted cows and 58% of aborted does had igg against c. abortus in their sera. the seroprevalence rate in cows may be overestimated, because a certain degree of cross-reactivity with c. pecorum cannot be ruled out. only 22.7% (from aborted cows) and 33.3% (from ab ...200111767056
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