susceptibility of a yak to influenza a viruses and presence of h3n2 antibodies in animals in nepal and india.naturally acquired antibody to h3n2 human influenza antigens was found in a yak-zebu crossbred in nepal. serial inoculation of a yak, negative for antibody, produced a response to a/hong kong/1/68 (h3n2), a/england/42/72 (h3n2), and a/prague/1/56 (heq1 neq1) influenzavirus strains. single radial diffusion tests showed that cattle and goats in west bengal, india, and water buffaloes and cattle in kathmandu, nepal, also had antibodies against the h3n2 antigens. haemagglutination-inhibition antibod ...19744549482
prevalence of salmonella species in various raw meat samples of a local market in kathmandu.a cross-sectional study of raw meat samples from the local meat market of kathmandu metropolitan city was carried out during september 2002 to may 2003 with special emphasis on isolation and identification of salmonella bacteria. a total of 123 raw meat samples (55 chicken, 37 buffalo, and 31 goat) were collected and analyzed relative to season. salmonella spp was found in 11.4% (14/123) meat samples. eight samples of chicken, that is, 14.5%, five samples of buffalo (13.5%), and one sample of go ...200617135520
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