identification and characterization of staphylococci isolated from cutaneous lesions of goats.staphylococci from skin lesions of goats in assam, india, were found to belong predominantly to the potentially dermatopathogenic species staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus byicus. these species have not been described as components of the normal flora of the hairy skin of goats.19979270355
polymorphism and nucleotide sequencing of bmpr1b gene in prolific assam hill goat.assam hill goat (capra hircus) is a prolific local goat in india. bone morphogenetic protein receptor (bmpr1b) gene was studied as a candidate gene for the prolificacy of goats. the objective of the present study was to detect the incidence of mutation in the exonic region of bmpr1b gene of assam hill goat. total 90 blood samples were collected randomly from different parts of assam and genomic dna were extracted using phenol-chloroform method. the quantity and quality of extracted dna was exami ...201424535267
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