ganjam virus.ganjam virus (ganv), a member of genus nairovirus of family bunyavirdae is of considerable veterinary importance in india. though, predominantly tick borne, ganv was also isolated from mosquitoes, man and sheep. neutralizing and complement fixing antibodies to ganv have been detected in animal and human sera collected from different parts of the country. thirty three strains of ganv have been isolated from india, mainly from haemaphysalis ticks. the virus replicated in certain vertebrate and mos ...200920090098
genomic analysis reveals nairobi sheep disease virus to be highly diverse and present in both africa, and in india in the form of the ganjam virus variant.nairobi sheep disease (nsd) virus, the prototype tick-borne virus of the genus nairovirus, family bunyaviridae is associated with acute hemorrhagic gastroenteritis in sheep and goats in east and central africa. the closely related ganjam virus found in india is associated with febrile illness in humans and disease in livestock. the complete s, m and l segment sequences of ganjam and nsd virus and partial sequence analysis of ganjam viral rna genome s, m and l segments encoding regions (396bp, 70 ...201121511058
serological evidence of foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in randomly surveyed goat population of orissa, india.india is endemic for foot-and-mouth disease (fmd), and goats constitute the second largest susceptible population of domestic livestock. fmd surveillance and control strategies in the country largely ignore small ruminants, known to be critical in the epidemiology of the disease. here, serological investigations were carried out to generate estimates of antibody prevalence in goats of orissa state to both non-structural (nsp-ab) and structural proteins (sp-ab) of fmd. the apparent overall nsp-ab ...201020723161
creating the livestock guru: icts to enhance livestock-related knowledge among poor households in orissa, india.the following paper details the creation and dissemination of a multi-media learning program for poor livestock keepers in orissa, india: the livestock guru.201020499277
characterization of casein gene complex and genetic diversity analysis in indian goats.milk protein polymorphism plays an important role in genetic diversity analysis, phylogenetic studies, establishing geographical diversity, conservation decision, and improving breeding goals. milk protein polymorphism in indian goat breeds has not been well studied; therefore, an investigation was carried out to analyze the genetic structure of the casein gene and milk protein diversity at six milk protein loci in nine indian goat breeds/genetic groups from varied agro-climatic zones. milk prot ...201020379889
isolation of ganjam virus from ticks collected off domestic animals around pune, maharashtra, india.studies on viruses of zoonotic importance in certain villages around pune were undertaken between december 2000 and january 2002. a total of 1,138 adult ticks belonging to six different species were collected off domestic animals and processed for virus isolation. six virus isolates were obtained. all six isolates were identified as ganjam virus by quick complement fixation test and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction using rna nucleocapsid gene amplification. five isolates were from ...200515799531
the delivery of veterinary services to poorer communities: the case of rural orissa, india.this paper presents the results of a field survey on use patterns and demand for clinical veterinary services in one of the poorest states of india, namely, orissa. a demand function was estimated using poisson regression and demand elasticities were obtained for various income groups. the survey shows that large numbers of households, including the poor, pay prices that are significantly higher than those prescribed. there is no targeting of cheaper services towards the poor. the analysis also ...200315005551
trace elemental analysis of extracted dust from lungs and lymph nodes of domestic animals using x-ray fluorescence technique.samples of dust extracted from the lungs and lymph nodes of certain domestic animals from west bengal, orissa, bihar provinces of india were quantitatively analysed using photon excited energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence technique. thin specimens were prepared for analysis to minimize matrix enhancement and absorption effects. amongst the various elements analysed, hg, fe, cu, zn and pb were found to be present in appreciable amounts. an important finding was the presence of a very high concen ...19807419324
bhanja virus: a new arbovirus from ticks haemaphysalis intermedia warburton and nuttall, 1909, in orissa, india. 19695820426
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