cattle plague in shangri-la: observations on a severe outbreak of rinderpest in northern pakistan 1994-1995.between april 1994 and november 1995 the most severe epidemic of rinderpest reported in the world for over a decade affected domestic livestock in the northern areas of pakistan. as many as 40,000 cattle and yaks died, more by some estimates, and mortality rates may have exceeded 80 per cent in these species in several villages. this report describes some of the clinicopathological and epidemiological features peculiar to the outbreak, including laboratory-confirmed rinderpest in a goat, and the ...19989699250
peste des petits ruminants virus (pprv) infection; its association with species, seasonal variations and geography.the present investigation included a detailed description of the factors directly associated with pprv infection in pakistan. a total of 1,056 suspected serum samples were analyzed for the presence of antibodies to pprv with no history of vaccination against ppr. the samples were collected from sixty two (62) suspected outbreaks from twenty five (25) major regions of the country. samples were collected from the animals suffering from diarrhea and showing severe respiratory signs. competitive enz ...200919130284
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