the distribution of pasteurella haemolytica serotypes among cattle, sheep, and goats in south africa and their association with diseases.over an 8-year period (september 1986 to march 1994), a total of 497 organ specimens from sheep and goats and 96 from cattle, were received for their isolation of pasteurella haemolytica. they were collected in seven geographical areas in south africa (as it existed before the april 1994 elections). these areas include the eastern cape, transvaal (new name: gauteng), nambia, orange free state (new name: free state), natal (new name: kwazulu-natal), western cape and the northern cape. this invest ...19958668319
some avian and mammalian hosts of amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma marmoreum (acari: ixodidae).large numbers of birds, wild mammals and domestic stock from a variety of localities within the republic of south africa were examined for infestation with the ixodid ticks amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma marmoreum. every warthog (phacochoerus aethiopicus), burchell's zebra (equus burchelli), impala (aepyceros melampus) and kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros) from the kruger national park in the north-eastern transvaal lowveld was infested with a. hebraeum. in the eastern cape province every helmet ...19873329327
an outbreak of caprine listeriosis in the western cape.listerial meningo-encephalitis (circling disease) is reported for the first time in ruminants in south africa. an account is given of the clinical signs, pathology and bacteriological confirmation of the disease.1977406392
two new species of ticks from southern africa whose adults parasitize the feet of ungulates: rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. and rhipicephalus neumanni n. sp. (ixodoidea, ixodidae).theiler & robinson (1953) described, as rhipicephalus follis dönitz, 1910, a tick species originating from dordrecht, eastern cape province. a comparison of this tick with the syntypes of r. follis has now shown, though, that these 2 entities are different and it is therefore redescribed below as rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. its adults parasitize sheep and various wild ungulates, attaching primarily on their feet. the hosts of the immature stages are still unknown. it has now been recorded fr ...19902338999
phage types of salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis isolated in south africa from 1991-1995.a total of 615 strains of salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis (se), received from 1991-1995 at the onderstepoort veterinary institute (ovi), were phage typed. most se isolates (54,7%) originated from poultry followed by humans (28,5 %) and poultry eggs (9,6 %). phage type 34 was the most prevalent (40,5 %) of all isolates, followed by phage type 4 (33,8 %). other phage types identified were 1, lb, 4a, 7, 7a, 9a, 14, 24, 24var and 35 (in total 2,4% of isolates). most isolates of se were recei ...200011028749
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