ixodes (afrixodes) matopi n. sp. (acarina: ixodidae): a tick found aggregating on pre-orbital gland scent marks of the klipspringer in zimbabwe.ixodes (afrixodes) matopi n. sp. is described from females and males collected off twigs bearing deposits of intraspecific communication marks secreted by the pre-orbital glands of the klipspringer oreotragus oreotragus and from laboratory-reared immature specimens. one female was also found on a goat. the 4 collections were all from zimbabwe, 3 of them from matabeleland south province and the fourth from inyanga district, zimbabwe.19817279387
detection of antibodies to the ehrlichia ruminantium map1-b antigen in goat sera from three communal land areas of zimbabwe by an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.a total of 1,286 caprine serum samples collected from three communal land areas in zimbabwe from march 1999 to february 2000 were tested for ehrlichia ruminantium antibodies using the indirect map1-b enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. of the 480 samples tested from mudzi, a non-heartwater area, 425 (89.4 %) were positive. in the heartwater endemic areas, of the 441 samples 352 (79.4 %) from gwanda and 300 of the 365 samples (83.2 %) from bikita tested positive. the seroprevalence in the bikita a ...200314621321
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