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a focus of fasciola hepatica in crete without human greece, fasciola hepatica, the sheep liver fluke, is common in sheep but only three human cases of fascioliasis have been reported. an epidemiological study was conducted in central crete which proved to be a focus of f. hepatica. sheep and snails were found positive for this parasite, but none of the 205 persons tested serologically.19979062787
the effects of farming and birth order on asthma and allergies.a farm childhood is apparently protective in allergic disease, but studies of this issue in europe have been confined to particular types of farming practice. this study addressed whether or not this effect was generalisable. a cross-sectional survey of 800 schoolchildren living in rural crete was undertaken. standard questions relating to allergic disease were included and atopy was measured through skin-prick tests involving 10 local aeroallergens. the prevalence of atopy was 24%, but associat ...200616481388
in vitro susceptibilities of brucella melitensis isolates to eleven antibiotics.brucellosis is an endemic disease present in many countries worldwide, but it is rare in europe and north america. nevertheless brucella is included in the bacteria potentially used for bioterrorism. the aim of this study was the investigation of the antibiotic susceptibility profile of brucella isolates from areas of the eastern mediterranean where it has been endemic.200617014707
effect of three map compositions on the physical and microbiological properties of a low fat greek cheese known as "anthotyros"anthotyros is a type of low fat cheese produced from a mixture of sheep and goat milk. anthotyros cheese in crete is produced from the whey of hard cheese such as kefalotyri and graviera. anthotyros is a cheese which comes from the myzithra cheese (whey) dehydration. the dehydrated anthotyros' physicochemical properties are moisture content of 35%, fat content in dry matter of 55% and low concentration of salt. the purpose of this study was to identify which of the three gas compositions applied ...201121549214
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