current situation of peste des petits ruminants (ppr) in the sudan.the current situation of ppr in sudan was investigated. a total of 61 tissue samples were collected from various ppr suspected outbreaks in sheep in sudan during 2008. collected tissue samples were tested for ppr antigen using icelisa, ppr antigen was detected in 26 out of 61 samples (42.6%). highest antigen detection rate was in specimens collected from western sudan. a total of 1198 serum samples were collected from sheep (n = 500), camels (n = 392), and goats (n = 306) from different areas in ...201019548103
infant-feeding practices in urban and rural communities of the sudan.infant-feeding and weaning practices were investigated in a multistage randomly selected sample of 1,039 sudanese mothers who represented six of the nine states of the sudan. the majority (77.9%) believed that breast milk was best for their babies, emphasizing the previously reported high breast-feeding rate in sudanese mothers. food supplementation started by 6 months in 82.5% mainly in urban middle and high classes (umc and uhc) compared to urban poor class (upc) and the rural group (rg; p < 0 ...19947855919
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