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survey of aflatoxin m(1) in cow, goat, buffalo and camel milks in ismailia-egypt.milk from buffalo, cow, goat and camel species was collected in ismailia in egypt. aflatoxin (afm(1)) levels were lower than previous surveys, and were influenced by feeding practices. cows and buffaloes are fed prepared rations and had highest incidence of afm(1). camels forage freely on available pasture and had lowest afm(1) in their milk. goats are fed a combination of prepared ration as a supplement to pasture grazing. most milks (80%, 74%, 66% and 52% of the camel, goat, cow and buffalo mi ...200919710995
studies on zoonotic cryptosporidiosis parvum in ismailia governorate, egypt.a total of 390 stool samples from children less than 8 years old attending the mohp central hospital in ismailia district were examined for cryptosporidiosis. stools were subjected to direct wet smear method and sheather's sugar flotation and stained with modified z.n. among the 390 children 204 were diarrheic of whom c. parvum was positive in 68 (33.3%). the highest infection rate was 26/46 among children less than 2 months, 40/150 among children less than 2 years and 2/8 among children less th ...200919795755
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