oestrid head maggots in slaughtered sheep in cairo abattoir.oestrosis or infestation of sheep, goats, ibex, argali and sometimes man with oestrus ovis maggots is a real problem in sheep-farming areas allover the world. parasitism in sheep may be benign, the majority of cases do not terminate fatally, but death may come within a week after appearance of aggravated symptoms. in man, ophthalmomyiasis (sometimes nasopharyngeal) may be benign to destruction of the eye ball or the entire eye in misdiagnosis. in the present study, examination of 1200 slaughtere ...19979425828
leptospirosis in man, in wild and in domestic animals at waste disposal sites in cairo.the authors examined 65 rattus rattus, 28 pigs, 12 donkeys, 67 goats, 5 sheep, 1 cow and 1 dog as well as 196 inhabitants at two settlements on the waste disposal sites at the periphery of cairo. rattus norvegicus were positive in 55.4% for l. ictero-haemorrhagiae, pigs in 14.3% for l. pomona and in 3.6% for l. ictero-haemorrhagiae. 2 out of 12 donkeys were positive for l. pomona, 1 of them for l. pyrogenes and l. icterohaemorrhagiae as well, goats in 1.5% for l. grippotyphosa. human sera reacte ...19892583498
[serologic studies of domestic animals for listeriosis, q-fever, and brucellosis in cairo].first serological investigations among domestic animals (donkey, goat, sheep, swine, dog) and rats (rattus norvegicus) carried out in the surroundings of persons from waste disposal sites in cairo indicate the occurrence of listeriosis, q fever and brucellosis.19892684762
prevalence pattern and biology of sarcocystis capracanis infection in the egyptian goats: a light and ultrastructural study.cysts of sarcocystis capracanis obtained from infected goats were examined to clarify the effect of the parasite on the host. muscle tissues from fresh oesophagus, tongue, diaphragm and skeletal muscles of 680 goats were slaughtered in the main abattoir of cairo, egypt and they were examined microscopically for sarcocystis infection for the first time in egypt. 540 out of 680 (79.4%) of examined goats were found to be infected with sarcocystis sp. the infection was recorded firstly by light micr ...201121664053
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