hydatidosis of sheep and goats slaughtered at addis ababa abattoir: prevalence and risk factors.abattoir survey was conducted on 1,053 sheep and 639 goats slaughtered at addis ababa abattoir, ethiopia, between october 2007 and may 2008, with the objective to determine the prevalence of hydatidosis and assess the associated risk factors. routine meat inspection procedure was employed to detect the presence of the cyst in visceral organs (lung, liver, and omentum). hydatid cysts were found in 206 (19.94%) and 102 (16%) of the sheep and goats inspected, respectively. statistically significant ...201019911295
genital disorders, linear and testicular characteristics in menz rams.clinical examination, bodily condition score (bcs), heart girth (hg), body length (bl), wither height (wh), and scrotal circumference (sc) were assessed on 486 mature ethiopian menz rams, on small farms, in local markets, and at the main abattoir in addis ababa from december 1994 to april 1995. almost 27% of the rams were found to be unfit for breeding. poor general condition, mainly in the form of respiratory disorders, was seen in 1.2% of the rams. balanoposthitis, epididymitis and orchitis we ...200111360800
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