molecular genetic characterization of different isolates of echinococcus granulosus in east and southeast regions of turkey.we used pcr-rflp analysis of ribosomal its1 fragment using four different restriction enzymes and dna sequencing of mitochondrial co1 gene to investigate the genetic characteristics of isolates of echinococcus granulosus obtained from different hosts (179 sheep, 19 cattle, 7 goat, 1 camel, 1 dog and 1 human) and regions (elazig, malatya, erzurum, van, diyarbakir and sanliurfa) of turkey. the report represents the most comprehensive genotypic investigation of e. granulosus isolates undertaken in ...200818579101
identification of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis isolates from sheep and goats by pcr.the present study was carried out to estimate the prevalence of caseous lymphadenitis (cl) in sheep and goats slaughtered at the local abattoir in elazig province located in the east of turkey, between september and december 2000. a total of 2046 sheep and 2262 goat carcasses were examined during the study period and 118 abscessed lymph nodes, 89 from sheep and 29 from goats, were collected. corynebacterium spp. strains were isolated from 81.4% of the abscesses, giving an overall prevalence of 2 ...200212119139
detection of babesia ovis by pcr in rhipicephalus bursa collected from naturally infested sheep and goats.polymerase chain reaction (pcr) was used to assess the presence and the frequency of babesia ovis infection in the adult rhipicephalus bursa and their hosts in elazig province located in eastern turkey. tick and blood samples were collected from 32 sheep and 28 goats of four selected herds. a total of 226 r. bursa were randomly selected from the collected ticks and their salivary glands were dissected out in 0.85% saline under stereo microscope. dna amplification method revealed that the frequen ...200817881019
status of tick infestation of sheep and goats in turkey.results of the identification and prevalence of ticks collected from 5,887 sheep, 2,125 goats and 1,079 stables during the period of 2 years in ankara and elazig provinces, turkey, are given together with a map showing the areas surveyed. distribution of ticks in the provinces is reported as well.19979530700
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