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oestrus ovis larval myiasis among goats in northern jordan.from december 1998 to december 1999, heads of 520 local goats slaughtered at the irbid, ramtha and howarra abattoirs (northern jordan) were examined for the three larval instars (l(1)-l(3)) of oestrus ovis. of 520 heads, 126 (24%) were infested with o. ovis larvae. all three larval instars were observed in both sexes; all age groups were infested in each month of the year. the mean age of the goats sampled was 1.5 years. the numbers of parasites infesting hosts showed a significant (p<0.05) corr ...200312719013
przhevalskiana silenus myiasis among slaughter goats in northern jordan.during the period december 1998-may 2000, 900 local goats slaughtered at the irbid abattoir (northern jordan) were examined for the larval instars of przhevalskiana silenus. of 900 goats, 10% (95% ci: 9,13) were infested with p. silenus larvae. only the second and third larval instars were seen. a multiple-regression analysis (with the error variance described by the negative-binomial function) suggested that infestation depended on the month of sampling, and that infestation with live larvae wa ...200616517079
seroprevalence of, and risk factors for, peste des petits ruminants in sheep and goats in northern jordan.peste des petits ruminants (ppr) is an economically important disease that affect sheep and goat industry in asia and africa. in this study, we investigated the seroprevalence, and risk factors, of ppr in sheep and goat flocks from five different governorates (irbid, jarash, ajloun, mafraq and zarka) located in northern jordan. serum samples from 929 and 400 sheep and goats, respectively, corresponding to 122 sheep flock and 60 goats flock were collected. seroprevalence was determined using ppr ...200818291541
experimental infection of goats with an unusual strain of mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri isolated in jordan: comparison of different diagnostic methods.ten goats were experimentally infected with a mycoplasma identified by biomolecular methods as mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri, strain irbid which was isolated from goats in an outbreak of contagious agalactia in north jordan and defined as 'unusual', due to its serological characteristics. two groups of goats infected by the endotracheal route and by aerosol, respectively, were placed in contact with a third group of naive animals. six weeks after infection, some animals from both the infected ...201020560128
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