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sterilized mosquito net versus commercial mesh for hernia repair. an experimental study in goats in mbarara/ industrialized countries alloplastic meshes are routinely used for hernia repair. however, in developing countries they are rarely available or affordable. this study compares textile properties and tissue response of commercial polypropylene mesh (pm) vs. sterilized nylon mosquito net (mn).200717595545
prevalence estimates of antibodies towards foot-and-mouth disease virus in small ruminants in uganda.foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) is endemic in uganda with control strategies focusing on vaccination of cattle, while small ruminants are largely ignored. in order for uganda to establish effective control strategies, it is crucial that the epidemiology of the disease is fully understood. this study summarizes results of serological investigations of sheep and goats for antibodies to fmdv from four districts in 2006 following an fmd outbreak in the region and from an attempted comprehensive random ...200919909475
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