the role of bioactive tannins in the postpartum energy retention and productive performance of goats browsed in a natural rangeland.the role of bioactive tannins in browse in the postpartum performance of goats grazed under natural range conditions was studied using 40 yearling mubende goats (20+/-0.32 kg). in a completely randomized design, goats of one group (n = 20) received a daily drench of 50 g per goat of polyethylene glycol (peg) of molecular weight 4000 given as a condensed tannin (ct) deactivator, and goats of the other group (n = 20) acted as the control (no peg). mean birth weights, live weight gains, abortion an ...200415560517
the prevalence of trypanosomosis in small ruminants and pigs in a sleeping sickness endemic area of buikwe county, mukono district, uganda.a survey of trypanosomosis in goats, sheep and pigs was carried out in buikwe county, mukono district of south eastern uganda between april and august 1994. infection rates of 8.8% in 204 goats, 26.7% in 60 sheep and 32.4% in 68 pigs of all ages and both sexes were recorded. trypanosoma brucei parasites were found in goats and pigs, t. congolense in sheep and pigs and t. vivax in goats and sheep. infection rates were similar in both sexes of animal species and it was observed that t. vivax cause ...19968881420
risk factors for kaposi's sarcoma: a case-control study of hiv-seronegative people in part of a larger investigation of cancer in uganda, we conducted a case-control study of kaposi's sarcoma in human immunodeficiency virus-1 (hiv)-seronegative adults presenting at hospitals in kampala. cases comprised 117 hiv-seronegative patients with kaposi's sarcoma and controls comprised 1,282 hiv-seronegative patients with a provisional diagnosis of cancer other than kaposi's sarcoma. study participants were interviewed about social and lifestyle factors, tested for hiv and, if there was ...200312455038
domestic animals as reservoirs for sleeping sickness in three endemic foci in south-eastern uganda.the persistence of sleeping sickness (human african trypanosomiasis) in some areas of south-eastern uganda has necessitated further investigations, focusing mainly on domestic animals as reservoirs of this disease in three agro-ecological zones. the inter-zone differences in the prevalences of trypanosome infection among cattle (p < 0.001) and pigs (p < 0.001) were significant. overall, 5.0% of the cattle, 13.9% of the pigs and 0.4% of the small ruminants investigated were found to be infected w ...200312803870
susceptibility of three breeds of ugandan goats to experimental infection with trypanosoma congolense.this study has indicated that differences in susceptibility to trypanosoma congolense infection exist among the 3 main breeds of goats in uganda namely, kigezi, mubende and small east african (sea). the kigezi goats appeared to be the most susceptible suffering more severe anaemia, greater retardation of growth and more deaths than the other 2 breeds following experimental infection with try-panosoma congolense. the small east african goats appeared to be least susceptible. following treatment a ...19979090009
drug sensitivity of trypanosome populations from cattle in a peri-urban dairy production system in uganda.cattle from 50 farms in mukono county, uganda, were monitored for trypanosomes every second month over an 18-month period (1995-1996) by mini-anion exchange chromatography and haematocrit centrifugation techniques. eighteen trypanosome isolates collected from cattle during this period were characterised in cattle, goats and mice for their sensitivity to homidium, isometamidium and diminazene; 10 of the isolates were selected randomly, 8 were from animals that had the highest serum isometamidium ...200212387907
assessment of the economic viability of goat management systems in goma sub county and mukono town council in mukono district, uganda.this study sought to assess the profitability of the goat enterprises under different management systems. the research covered two selected sub-counties of mukono district (goma and mukono town council). a total of 888 goats from 129 herds/farms were studied. descriptive statistical and gross margins analyses were performed. the management system of goats in the two sub-counties was mainly by tethering. most of the goats kept were adult female goats. most farmers had small herds and did not keep ...201021174228
the effect of oral administration of polyethylene glycol on faecal helminth egg counts in pregnant goats grazed on browse containing condensed tannins.thirty yearling f1 anglo-nubian x mubende goats, averaging 21 +/- 0.45 kg, kept on free-range feeding in the ankole range land, uganda, were screened for health and nutritional status, effectively treated against helminth parasites, mated, and randomly divided into two equal groups during a 3-month preparatory phase. during the 6 months that followed, the goats in one group received a daily oral dose (50 g/goat) of poly(ethylene glycol) (peg), while the other group acted as the control (no peg). ...200010726297
prevalence and distribution of animal trypanosomosis on buvuma islands in lake victoria, uganda. 199910371007
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