skinning the goat and pulling the load: transactional sex among youth in dar es salaam, tanzania.transactional sex has been associated with risk of hiv infection in a number of studies throughout sub-saharan africa. urban young women are economically vulnerable and at heightened risk of hiv infection in tanzania; yet there are few studies that have explored relationship dynamics, including transactional sex, in this setting. this paper sheds light on the broader context of sexual relationships among youth at risk for hiv, how transactional sex plays out in these relationships, and how the t ...200717851993
women demand development.this study was conducted by a research team in dar es salaam to identify which policy changes might strengthen rural food security in tanzania. the participatory research revealed much about the impact of gender and culture on food security. in both districts of ngorongoro and shinyanga, control of resources favored men. they managed the income from high-value resources like cattle, cotton, and maize, while women managed low-value resources like milk, hides, and goats. also, it was evident th ...200012296259
[seroepidemiologic studies on reovirus infections of man, domestic and wild animals in tanzania (author's transl)].2238 sera of bovines, 95 of goats, 251 of antelopes (various species), 143 of zebras and 11 of warthogs collected in tanzania as well as 811 sera of men and females of the city and the region of dar es salaam were tested for haemagglutination inhibiting antibodies (ab) to reovirus serotypes (st) 1, 2 and 3. ab to st 1 resp. 2 could be detected in 24--39% of bovines, goats, antelopes and zebras, and in warthogs to 64%. in human beings the positive percentage was 60%. ab to st 3 were most prevalen ...197943091
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