women demand development.this study was conducted by a research team in dar es salaam to identify which policy changes might strengthen rural food security in tanzania. the participatory research revealed much about the impact of gender and culture on food security. in both districts of ngorongoro and shinyanga, control of resources favored men. they managed the income from high-value resources like cattle, cotton, and maize, while women managed low-value resources like milk, hides, and goats. also, it was evident th ...200012296259
mycoplasmas isolated from the respiratory tract of cattle and goats in tanzania.a microbiological study of the mycoplasma flora in the respiratory tracts of cattle and goats in selected regions of tanzania is described. in the examination of cattle, mycoplasmas were isolated from 60 (17.8%) of the 338 examined lung samples, 8 (47.1%) of the 17 lymph nodes, 4 (13.3%) of the 30 pleural fluid samples and 4 (3.9%) of the 103 nasal swabs examined. all the isolates were identified as mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides, small colony type except for one isolate from pleural fluid ...200011126579
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