skinning the goat and pulling the load: transactional sex among youth in dar es salaam, tanzania.transactional sex has been associated with risk of hiv infection in a number of studies throughout sub-saharan africa. urban young women are economically vulnerable and at heightened risk of hiv infection in tanzania; yet there are few studies that have explored relationship dynamics, including transactional sex, in this setting. this paper sheds light on the broader context of sexual relationships among youth at risk for hiv, how transactional sex plays out in these relationships, and how the t ...200717851993
a cross-sectional study of factors associated with dog ownership in tanzania.mass vaccination of owned domestic dogs is crucial for the control of rabies in sub-saharan africa. knowledge of the proportion of households which own dogs, and of the factors associated with dog ownership, is important for the planning and implementation of rabies awareness and dog vaccination programmes, and for the promotion of responsible dog ownership. this paper reports the results of a cross-sectional study of dog ownership by households in urban and rural communities in the united repub ...200818230137
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